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Cannabis Awards: Seed Bank Of The Year!

Great news: we get to clear more space in our trophy cabinet because we won yet another award! With more voters than ever and the verdict of a profesisonal jury, Amsterdam genetics was elected Best Seed Bank of the Year at the 2021 Cannabis Industrie Awards!

Amsterdam Genetics Wins Seed Bank Of The Year!

Of course, we’re always happy with the appreciation we get from our growers and regular customers, but there’s something special about every award we win. We are therefore proud to announce that Amsterdam Genetics was voted Best Seed Bank Of The Year at the 2021 Cannabis Industrie Awards!

We have been squarely behind the quality of our premium genetics for decades. Rightly so, if we may say so ourselves: every year, we see more how our strains convince new growers of the quality represented by the cannabis seeds they order. Obviously, such hands-on practical approval is still the best proof of the pudding. That’s what we work hard for all the time, and yet… As always, we’re happy to make more room in our trophy cabinet, so to all those who voted for Amsterdam genetics this year, thanks so much – we love you back!

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Cannabis Industrie Awards

The Cannabis Industrie Awards are an initiative by, a platform for and by the cannabis sector full of professional information on current national and foreign cannabizz developments. After the first award ceremony in 2020, new prize categories were added in this year’s edition. One of these – and certainly not the least – is the Seed Bank of the Year award. Obviously, being the very first to win this award is great encouragement coming from the sector as a whole, but it’s especially motivating coming from the community that makes this business possible in the first place.

Victory Speech

As happens often these days, the 2021 Cannabis Industrie Awards ceremony was an online event. Of course, it sucks to have to miss out on a real-life party, but we also robbed us of our chance to make a little thank-you speech. We are very much aware of how important the public votes are alongside the professional jury’s verdict. In fact, we know full well that we would be nowhere without our loyal community of fans, growers and connoisseurs. That’s what we’ve been doing it all for these past 25+ years, and it’s also how we keep growing – literally.

So here’s a little online shout-out to you guys. We are grateful for the support of everyone who voted Amsterdam Genetics this year: we never would have made it this far without you people! You know who you are; and we know that you’ll always be the true roots of our success, no matter how many awards we manage to win.

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Onwards To Yet More Cannabis Awards!

All this appreciation from fellow professionals and cannabis lovers feels fabulous as a reward for all we have achieved. What feels even better, though, is the fresh impulse this Cannabis Industrie Award gives us – this just makes us hungry for more… Rest assured that we’ll want to win even more awards next year, with new genetics that let our Amsterdam Genetics grower community taste the sweet fruits of our labour!