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How Do I Know If My Previous Cannabis Harvest Was Successful?

Your harvest is finally cut and dried, and you’re looking at the fruits of your labour. If you’re a beginner, growing anything is a sign of early success as a grower. As for the experts, success is a bit more complicated, judging the quality, size, and overall experience. How do you know if your previous cannabis harvest was successful?

You can define success in several ways when it comes to growing cannabis at home. There’s always room for improvement. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your next grow even better!


Results vs. expectations

One way to tell if your previous cannabis harvest was successful is by determining if it finished like you thought it would. Reading product descriptions when purchasing cannabis seeds is helpful in knowing what to expect when the plant is ready for harvest.

Amsterdam Genetics provides information about each of our cannabis seeds—taste, smell, effects, flowering time, and overall growing experience. This information helps when buying cannabis seeds online, so you know what kind of strain you’re getting. It’s based on what growers typically get while growing the seed.

While the exact grow cycle and harvest can vary depending on your setup, the details give a benchmark to compare your actual harvest with the typical results.


Compare with your past results

In addition to comparing with the product description, you should also compare with your prior harvest. If you’ve grown the cannabis seed before, it will provide valuable insight into how your skills have progressed since the last harvest.

The best comparison is always with yourself. We love scrolling through grow pics on Instagram and grow diaries on YouTube as much as you do! However, everyone has their own unique setup that can yield different results, even for the same cannabis seed.

Setups can vary by size, the type of water and nutrients you give your plant, the type and wattage of lights, room temperatures, and more. Not everyone ends up with that bushy Instagramable plant pic during harvest. But if your harvest was better than the last, you’re moving in the right direction to getting your picture-perfect grow one day soon.

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Overall cannabis plant health

Post-harvest is always the perfect time to reflect on how you did. It’s time to consider your plant’s health throughout the grow cycle. A healthy plant always produces an abundant harvest. The healthier your plant, the better yield and quality you will have in the harvest.

Cannabis is a very resilient plant. However, it still requires care to ensure its full health. Be mindful of the nutrients you feed the plant. Maintain a clean environment to keep diseases and pests away from your plant. If you truly did a great job in taking care of your plant, you can recycle it for another harvest by re-vegging or cloning.

In addition to plant health, also take a look at your grow setup. Successful grows involve frequent clean-up and maintenance to give the plants a pleasant environment to grow in. If your grow setup could use a bit of TLC, there’s an area you can improve for your next grow.


Consuming your harvest

Some may say it’s the best part about growing weed at home. You get to enjoy your harvest! There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis, and everybody has their favourite. Learning the art of smelling and tasting weed will train you to become your own cannabis inspector for its quality.

We mentioned improving the health of your plant will enhance the quality of your harvest. Examining and consuming it will help determine just how great the quality actually is! 

Here’s how you can tell if you grew something really dank:

  • Does it have a lot of trichomes?
  • Does it have a potent smell?
  • Does it taste good?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations, you achieved a successful harvest.

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Did you learn something new?

We’ve got good news! Every harvest is successful! Getting an abundance of top-quality buds is the ultimate reward for growing a cannabis plant. However, if your plant didn’t produce what you expected—or worse, didn’t reach the end of the grow cycle—you can still walk away happy knowing you learned something. There’s a lesson in every grow. Even the experts are picking up new tricks or experimenting with new growing techniques. 

Be patient with growing cannabis. It’s a skill that you can improve with experience. Reflect on your previous harvest and consider things you can change in the next season, how you can avoid problems you experienced, or even whether you like the strain or not. Reframing your grower’s mindset can help you see the silver lining in every harvest.

We’re always excited to hear about your experience with growing our premium cannabis seeds! Leave a review for your favourite cannabis seeds and tell us about your experiences growing them.

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