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How To Get A Big Harvest From Outdoor Weed Growing?

Those planning to grow weed outdoors, naturally hope for a large harvest. To achieve this, attention must be paid to several different factors such as the quality of the soil, the type of weed you’re going for, and whether you use certain pruning and training techniques. In this blog, we’ll give you the tips you need to get that much-desired large weed harvest.

Which type of weed is best for outdoor growing?

When you’re ready to grow weed outdoors, the first thing you need to decide on is the type of weed. You can go for Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid strain. Each has its own unique properties that make it more or less suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Indica plants remain fairly small but can produce large fan leaves. They are robust and can handle cooler and unfavorable weather better. The flowering phase is relatively short. Sativa, on the other hand, is suitable for higher temperatures, they grow tall, and form long, slender leaves. They can’t handle the cold as well.

Then there are the hybrids, the crosses between Indica and Sativa. These were developed to obtain the best qualities from both parents. They grow tall and yield large harvests. A hybrid may, therefore, be a good choice for beginner growers.

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Choose the best growing spot

Once you’ve chosen the best seed, it’s time to decide where to plant your weed. The best spot is sunny, provides your plants with adequate shelter from wind and rain, and there is good air circulation.


Pay attention to where the wind usually comes from. Place your plants in a sheltered spot. A little wind can’t hurt, in fact, it makes them stronger. But ensure they don’t get the full force of a storm. If necessary, you can put up a fence or hedge.


Place your weed plants in a sunny spot. They should ideally get six hours of sun each day. This gives you the best chance of a large harvest when growing outdoors.


Also, consider watering. If it rains sufficiently, you won’t have much to do. But in dry times, you’ll have to water your weed plants. Make sure you have a water supply nearby or use an irrigation system.

If you plant your plants in the ground, you’ll need to provide permanent solutions for the above points. If you put your plants in pots, you’re more flexible. You can then move them in strong wind or bright sun.

Preparing the soil for outside growing

Essential for getting a large weed harvest is preparing the soil. If your weed plants grow in pots, you can buy ready-made soil. If they are in the ground, you can make adjustments to the soil yourself to ensure it has the right composition.

First, find out what the pH value of the soil is. You can mix lime into the soil if it’s too low (the soil is then acidic). Add sulfur to make the soil more basic.

You can also do something about the density of the soil. If the ground contains too much clay, it can become too moist and sticky. If the proportion of sand is too large, it doesn’t retain enough moisture. Therefore, you can mix other types of soil into the soil to get the ideal composition. Cannabis does well on a mix that contains both clay (20%), sand (40%), and silt (40%).

Large weed harvest by pruning and training

Pruning and training techniques are also ways to ensure a larger weed harvest. By steering how big and in which direction your plants grow, you also determine where light and nutrients can reach. The better you ensure an optimal distribution, the better your plants do, and the more chance of full buds you have.

For example, you can use Low Stress Training (LST), where you can control growth by gently bending the branches. Topping is also an LST. This technique involves cutting the main stem so that the side branches grow harder. This gives you twice as many buds and therefore a bigger harvest.

Supercropping is used to prevent your plants from growing too tall. In this process, you bend stems. Supercropping gives you the opportunity to control the leaf canopy of your plants, allowing them to make optimal use of light. This is also beneficial for outdoor growing, as plants can take light away from their neighbors. By ensuring that the leaf canopy does not become too dense, buds can grow well.

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Preventing Diseases and Pests

Of course, healthy cannabis plants provide the best and most buds. Therefore, it is important to keep your plants healthy and prevent diseases and pests. Pests like bud rot and powdery mildew can ruin your harvest.

There are several natural ways to prevent diseases and pests. For example, you can use predatory insects to combat harmful species. Companion planting is also a good way to support your cannabis plants. Herbs like lavender and basil can repel insects or attract beneficial insects. Other plants, like dandelion, can improve the soil.

The less energy your plants have to spend on surviving and repairing damage, the more they have left for forming rich, delicious buds.

This shows how a bit of preparation and good care for your plants increases the chances of a large harvest. Start at the beginning and first make your choice from our wide range of quality seeds. Want to know more about cannabis cultivation, read our clear step-by-step plan to start quickly and well prepared with outdoor cannabis cultivation.

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