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Hydroponics in Focus: Revolutionising Indoor Cannabis

One of the latest trends revolutionising the industry is hydroponics cannabis growing. This system comes from an agricultural practice that leverages a water setup instead of soil to grow your plants.

If you’re new to growing cannabis or curious to experiment with a new way of growing, it can be a great option. There are many advantages to adopting the hydroponics method, and we’ll also share a few disadvantages to be mindful of to see if it’s the right system for you.


Advantages to Hydroponics Cannabis Growing

Hydroponics is rapidly becoming a mainstay in cannabis growing. Growers are experiencing amazing results with their grow operation compared to other traditional methods. From higher yields to sustainability, here are a few reasons why we like this method.

  1. Better yields

The yield from each cannabis seed is a good indication of the success of your grow. This includes the quantity and quality of the buds you harvest from your plants. Hydroponics systems deliver water and nutrients directly to your plant’s roots so they don’t have to search them out in a soil bed. It allows your plant to focus more on growth instead of root maintenance.

  1. Faster growth

Thanks to the direct delivery of nutrients, cannabis plants grown in hydroponics systems grow faster. It can take time for a plant’s roots to establish themselves in soil and even absorb the nutrients once applied. The hydroponics system brings these resources to your plant. The initial stage of germinating your seeds and growing the roots has a similar timeframe to soil plants. After this phase, you should see a more rapid growth. Keep this in mind when planning your growing schedule.

  1. More efficient use of resources

Hydroponics is a more sustainable way of growing cannabis. Growing cannabis requires several resources like light, water, and nutrients. The hydroponics method is more efficient since these resources aren’t wasted when delivered through soil. The best systems allow you to provide the exact amount of water and nutrients to your plant. Special hydroponics systems like the Ebb and Flow allow for water to be recycled within the system.

  1. Great for indoor growing

Hydroponics systems work great in small spaces. You don’t have to worry about any mess from soil since you can create simple DIY systems utilising only a bucket of water. Also, it allows you to grow in a controlled environment. The nutrient-rich water gives your plants exactly what they need to grow and thrive regardless of the climate conditions.

  1. No soil issues

Soil helps give life to plants—but it can also cause harm to them. For example, dry soil, attracting certain pests, growing weeds (the bad kind), or simply not having enough nutrients to support your plant’s growth. These are just a few issues you avoid when opting for hydroponics.


Disadvantages to Hydroponics Cannabis Growing

We all wish there was a perfect method for growing cannabis indoors. Hydroponics has many benefits over the traditional soil method. However, it does come with its challenges. Here are a few things to consider before making the switch.

  1. Monitoring levels

Hydroponics feels like a science experiment. You have to understand terms like PH levels (measures the acidity in the water) and PPM (measures the nutrient concentration in the water). For an effective grow, you have to manage these levels. They can vary across different growth stages of your plant, may require different amounts depending on the strain you’re growing, and other variables. It can take practice getting these levels correct to achieve the optimal yield. On the other hand, the wrong levels can ruin an entire plant due to insufficient nutrients or overfeeding.

  1. System Risks

Hydroponics is a more delicate system compared to growing in soil. Soil serves a purpose for storing some of the nutrients before your plant absorbs them. If water levels get too low after a day of drinking, your plant will not have access to a reserve water source if you’re late refilling it to the correct level. There are also risks for water leakage or system failure in hydroponics methods like the drip system and ebb and flow, which have additional parts necessary for delivering resources to your plant.

  1. Root damage

While you avoid any soil issues with the hydroponics method, the water becomes a major factor in the success of your grow operation. Some potential risks with this method include rotting roots from overheated water or algae forming on your per-germination agent if submerged improperly in the water. Cleanliness is essential in a hydroponics method to avoid these and other risks.


Should You Switch to Hydroponics?

Experimenting with a new method is always exciting. Hydroponics cannabis growing is trending in the growing community, with many people testing its efficiency.

Understand that there are pros and cons to every method of growing. Once you get over the learning curve, your expertise plays a major role in how successful you can grow cannabis indoors using this method.

Our premium cannabis seeds work great for the hydroponics method. Check out our tips and strategies and see if you get the desired results!


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