2024 Q4 Navigating the Global Cannabis Landscape

Navigating the Global Cannabis Landscape: Trends and Transformations

Change is inevitable for the cannabis industry. Weed enthusiasts worldwide have embraced the many changes in cultivation and consumption. New Cannabis growing information has transformed the popularity of growing at home, while information about the plant itself has ushered in a new era of who and how we consume cannabis. Here’s why you should be excited about the future outlook of cannabis!


Why Change is Good for the Cannabis Industry

Examining the major trends in the global cannabis industry shows that change and innovation are here and transforming many aspects of it. It’s more popular than ever, thanks to legalization and more societal acceptance. These trends also show that this transformation will continue happening, which can change the way you consume and grow cannabis.

Why is it important? For many, legalization allows the opportunity to start growing your own cannabis and enjoying the benefits of the plant—from the high to medical benefits. Also, improvements in how we grow cannabis make it more accessible to more people. Not to mention more diverse products for consumption than just flowers.

Changes in the industry help promote growth that we can all take advantage of. The foundation is laid for new, more innovative ways to transform cannabis consumption and cultivation.

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Innovation Creates New Ways of Cultivating Cannabis

Growing cannabis indoors is the preferred solution for frequent consumers. The advantages of growing your own cannabis include being more budget-friendly on your wallet and achieving better quality. If these are reasons why you choose to cultivate cannabis, we have great news for you!

Cannabis cultivation is no longer a secretive act. It’s developed into a global community that loves sharing tips, tricks, and setup ideas that improve the growing process. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grower, you can find innovations that resonate with every stage of your grow.

Some of the latest trends you can benefit from to improve your plant yield and quality include experimenting with growing techniques like hydroponics or using better-quality seeds. Amsterdam Genetics is instrumental in developing the best quality cannabis seed strains perfect for indoor growing.

The popularity of growing cannabis has led many companies to create grow setup kits that simulate natural environments or experiment with DIY options to tailor a setup to the available space in your home. 

These are just a few examples of how the availability of cannabis growing information can improve the way connoisseurs cultivate their own plants in the comfort of their homes.


Benefiting from Trends Affecting Cannabis Consumption

Global trends in cannabis consumption have had monumental effects on the industry. One of the most significant trends is increased legalization. Now, more countries are adopting policies that allow citizens to grow and consume cannabis. Other consumption trends include diverse products which transform how we consume cannabis and also a decline in social stigma for frequent users. 

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re in one of the legal countries, you can now openly enjoy cannabis! Growing cannabis at home for personal use is an excellent option to support your consumption habits. Innovations in cultivation mean you can produce your own high-quality cannabis without the need for a large space of commercial-grade equipment. Research your country’s laws about cannabis consumption and cultivation before engaging in any cannabis-related activities.

Additionally, we’re finding more people adopting the use of CBD. Although CBD products have no psychoactive effects, they contain several health benefits. These benefits are recognized by many institutions that now get recommended by doctors as ways to treat issues such as anxiety, stress, sleep trouble, seizures, pain, and more. Medical benefits for THC and CBD are still being researched for their validity, so most information is suggestions of potential benefits.

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With new ways of consuming cannabis in the form of edibles, oil, or tablets, you no longer have to worry about the smell. This trend has attracted many more users of cannabis who initially were averse to the scent.

And yes, this also means it’s much more acceptable to sport your favourite cannabis-themed t-shirts.


Negative Impacts to the Cannabis Industry

The industry has a lot of upside, thanks to the latest trends. However, these trends aren’t without their downsides. From cultivation to consumption, there are things you should be mindful about.

  • Wrong information – sharing information via the internet and social media is easier than ever. There’s just as much inaccurate cannabis growing information as it is info that can benefit your grow. Make sure your sources are credible when sourcing information. Our blogs provide a great information source developed by veteran growers and cannabis experts.
  • Inaccurate CBD content – products that contain CBD often mislead customers about the contents and benefits. Make sure your CBD products come from credible sources, like our partner SupMedi, which conducts lab testing and provides customer reviews about their product experiences.
  • Seed Quality – not all cannabis seeds come with the same quality. Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we’ve developed cannabis seeds for nearly 40 years. Each strain is carefully formulated with the perfect gene mix fit for growing quality plants and suitable for indoor settings.

From sharing valuable cannabis growing information to providing the best quality cannabis seeds, Amsterdam Genetics is your source for cannabis cultivation as we continue navigating the rapidly changing global cannabis landscape.


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