AG Core Genetics T-Shirt

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This classic and classy black unisex Core Genetics t-shirt doesn’t muck about when it comes to graphics. Just show them what it’s all about: prominently featured on the front, Genetics cuts straight through the heart of Amsterdam, just as our style and taste have been doing for years. On the back, the Amsterdam Genetics logo sits squarely between the shoulder blades to emphasise this is the genuine article: raw natural quality in 85% organic cotton and 15% sustainably recycled polyester.

Product description

The well-known Amsterdam Genetics logo is smack bang in the middle of the shoulders on the back. On the front side, a unique stylised design by the same name makes matters perfectly clear: Core Genetics run straight through the heart of Amsterdam’s core business. The AG logo expresses DNA with a smile in our distinctive style, natural as the fabric that makes this high-grade piece of cannabis couture! 85% organic cotton and 15% responsibly recycled polyester is nothing to sneeze at – fair and self-conscious, just like the spirit of the city that bred those Core Genetics.

You’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection, so pick your size in S / M/ L / XL of XXL and order your Amsterdam fashion basic today!


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