AG Brown Filter Booklets


Luxury box containing 50 Amsterdam Genetics Brown Filter Booklets. Enjoy quality in high-grade materials, featuring embossed AG logos on every single filter tip; 32 tips per booklet.

Product description

Amsterdam Genetics Brown Filters were especially designed to be the perfect match for our King Size Brown rolling papers. Anyone looking for a few good tips will appreciate the best quality Amsterdam can offer with this box full of top tips; 50 times 32 AG Brown Filters to be precise. The embossed golden design on the package makes it clear: Amsterdam Genetics is still the Gold Standard when it comes to taste and style. Firm, easy to roll, and made with the finest materials, these filters are a subtle mark of panache, featuring an embossed AG logo on every tip as a delicate finishing touch.

With your full box of AG Brown Filters, you’re all set for pure pleasure that lasts for fifty booklets. Their luxury craft paper packaging radiates class and refined taste, marked with a gleaming gold AG logo in fancy relief. It’s just our way of adding that extra dash of quality; we knew you were going for gold the minute you chose Amsterdam Genetics!


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