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Complete BioTabs Starterpack for 5-10 plants containing: 25gr. BACTREX, 50gr. MYCOTREX, 10 BioTabs, 0,25L ORGATREX and 250gr. STARTREX.

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BioTabs Starterpack for 5-10 plants contains five different organic products to help your plant(s) grow. The easy-to-use materials provide growers with less work and better organic yields. BioTabs’ Starterpack contains:

BACTREX (25 grams)

BACTREX is a component of the BioTabs ’organic growing flowering method’. It is a dry, water-soluble powder with a large number of beneficial soil and root microbes. Including 6 strains of Bacillus spp., Trichoderma fungi and actinomycetes. Bactrex can be used to protect recently rooted clones or germinated seeds against pathogens, including pythium.

To use: mix one teaspoon Bactrex per liter water. One liter will treat approximately 50 clones or seedlings. BACTREX is a living product, once dissolved in water, the solution needs to be applied within 6 hours. Do not overuse.

MYCOTREX (50 grams)

MYCOTREX is an organic soil conditioner to increase root capacity up to 700%. Made up by a blend of 9 species of Endo Mycorrhiza spores; mycotrex is mainly meant to improve absorption of water & minerals from the soil. Mycorrhiza are beneficial soil fungi that enter into symbiosis with the plants. They increase the effective reach of the roots; while actually functioning like roots. Greatly increasing the growth ratio as a result.

Furthermore, mycotrex contains beneficial rhizo bacteria, seaweed meal & humic acid. MYCOTREX is currently the most concentrated Mycorrihzial product on the market. To use mycotrex: spread 5 grams of mycotrex in the planting hole.

BioTabs (10 Tablets)

These slow-releasing organic fertilizer tablets contain a mixture of natural ingredients. BioTabs organic fertilizer tablets stimulate the soil through microbiological activity, while providing fertilizer for your plant(s).

Pot Volume In Litres / Number Of Tabs

5 lt. 10 lt. 20 lt. 30 lt. 50 lt. 60 lt. 70 lt.
1 2 3 4 4 5 6

To use BioTabs, first determine the number of BioTabs needed; using the table above. Then make a hole in your substrate, place the BioTab tablet in the hole and push it 5-10cm deep in the substrate. The slow-release in the BioTabs ensures there’ll be enough fertilizer in the substrate for 8-10 weeks.

ORGATREX (0,25 liter)

ORGATREX by BioTabs is a biological ‘plant drink’, meant for both the growing and flowering stage. In short, orgatrex is an organic fertilizer for use with all crops. Solely made up of ingredients that are approved by the Soil Association and the Control Union.

This product contains; alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, kali vinasse, silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micronutrients.
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS 5-1-5 N:P:K + balanced quantities of Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe. To use: mix 2ml ORGATREX per liter water for each watering during growing and flowering phase. Finally, an Orgatrex/water solution can be stored for two days, maximum.

STARTREX (250 grams)

STARTREX contains a large number of soil bacteria. Most importantly, these work to improve the soil and ensure better uptake of organic fertilizers. Most potting soils are sterilized in order to kill weed seeds and germs it may contain. However, this also kills all the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi present in the soil. As a result, it takes a long time for the needed soil life in potting soil to established. By mixing your potting soil with Startrex though, your soil will come to life immediately; for your plant to take root quicker.

The three most important components of STARTREX are fulvic acids, hummus and silicon. To use Startrex: mix 2 table spoons (25 gr) with each 5 liter of potting soil or coco.


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