AG x Mascotte Original Slim Size Papers


Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics joined forces to get you these exclusive, top shelf rolling papers: Quality meets Quality! One box of AG X Mascotte Original Slim Size papers contains 50 fancy design packs of 34 watermarked rolling papers. Perfect rolling and even-burning. With smart magnet lock for added protection. Slim Size format (107 x 44mm) for added ease of rolling.

  • Created by passionate experts
  • Smooth rolling & even burning
  • Easy Slim Size format (107 x 44mm)
  • Sustainable FSC material package
  • Bleached chlorine-free
  • 34 exclusively watermarked leaves
  • Stylish design in gold & green
  • Magnet lock protection

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Product description

Meet Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics rolled into one! That kind of teamwork can mean only one thing: here, quality meets quality. The result is this exclusive pack of rolling papers, instantly recognisable by the fancy watermark displaying both brand names. Golden packaging makes this special edition complete. Connoisseurs don’t need to worry: this is your trusted AG top quality, and we will never settle for less. Experts Never Compromise.

Every single one of these 34 Original Slim Size papers is a guarantee for perfect rolling. They burn evenly, twist smoothly, and each leaf has its own custom watermark. Slick design grants the paper package a compact, robust finish, protected by the familiar smart magnet lock. AG x Mascotte rolling papers are expertly crafted to keep your papers free from moisture, folds, and crinkles!


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