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The Evolution of Indoor Cannabis: A New Era of Growth

Not everyone can create a massive outdoor grow setup with hundreds of plants. Luckily, growing cannabis indoors has become a mainstay for whom prefer growing plants for their personal use.

Did you know that one cannabis plant grown indoors can produce anywhere from 100 grams on a small plant to upwards of two pounds for an average-sized plant? Many factors affect how much it produces. However, even the lower end of the range is plenty for most people.

We’ve come a long way in the industry of cannabis cultivation at home. We’ll explore how different practices evolved over time and new trends currently driving the industry.


Growing Trend of Growing Cannabis Indoors

Cannabis was first decriminalized in the Netherlands in 1976. Amsterdam Genetics was founded shortly after in 1985. It gave us a head start on leading the global cannabis cultivation industry. This was an exciting time for many local growers who were able to freely practice growing cannabis indoors in search of better-quality cannabis, breeding new strains, or simply seeking a more cost-efficient way to support their cannabis consumption habits.

Indoor growing setups became popular due to our unique location. Cannabis plants need tons of sunlight, and our grey skies and long winters were counterproductive to producing the best buds compared to other parts of the world. Growing indoors became mandatory when striving to cultivate cannabis locally.

Fast forward to the present day, and cannabis laws worldwide are starting to get the same treatment we experienced decades before. More countries are decriminalizing cannabis and allowing users to grow their own cannabis at home. It’s sparked a rapid growth in the popularity of new products and tools to make it more efficient to grow indoors. We now see the community of growers transforming closets into mini-grow operations, people who set up tents in small apartments to hold several plants, and even converting entire rooms into their dedicated grow rooms. 

It’s never been more exciting than now to jump into the world of growing cannabis indoors—an excitement that will only continue to grow with time! As small-scale cannabis cultivation at home becomes more popular, we can expect the quality and quantity yields to keep increasing with new access to technologies and information.


Advantages of Growing Cannabis Indoors

What started as a necessity has now become a preference for growers. Growing cannabis outdoors will always be the most natural way to grow cannabis since plants can benefit from natural sunlight, natural nutrients in the ground, and other environmental factors. However, we can reproduce many of these same benefits artificially.

Additionally, indoor growing has specific advantages that you can’t get outdoors. These benefits include:

  • Quality control
  • Year-round cultivation
  • Discretion

Understanding these advantages will help you realize why growing cannabis indoors has become so popular.

Quality Control

Growers are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of their cannabis. Growing indoors gives you the most control over the output of your plants. You can create the perfect environment for our premium cannabis seeds to thrive (nutrient-rich soil, controlled temperatures, efficient use of lights, etc.). 

Quality control can lead to better quality buds and higher yields per plant.

Year-round cultivation

The Netherlands isn’t the only place with an unfavourable natural climate for growing cannabis. The controlled environments of growing indoors mean you can provide the right amount of light and heat for your plants, even when it’s the middle of a snowy winter outside. 

Year-round cultivation means you can have plants on a cycle. Stagger the times you plant your seeds, and you can have plants ready for harvest every month, season, etc. It’s an excellent option for small home grows, so you’ll never run out of weed.


Even with the easing of cannabis laws, most people still prefer discretion. Discretion can include privacy and security for your weed plants. The less people that know about them, the better you can avoid any potential threats to them. Well-designed indoor grow setups help prevent smell leakage and are typically hidden from plain sight to avoid unwanted attention.


New Trends for Growing Cannabis Indoors

The evolution of indoor cannabis growing continues! We’ve come a long way from hidden grow operations tucked away in the back of a closet. Now, there are many online communities where you can engage with other growers and learn tips to improve your skills.

As more people start cultivating cannabis at home, we’re seeing many new trends, like hydroponics, automated systems, and more. Check this blog to learn about all the latest trends we’ve encountered for growing cannabis indoors.

Be part of the indoor cannabis growing evolution. There’s never been a better time to start growing at home. Browse more than 40 different strains of our premium cannabis seeds that are designed to thrive in indoor settings.


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