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The Hydroponic Edge: Elevating Cannabis Cultivation Indoors

We’re in the midst of an evolution for growing cannabis indoors. Growers are exploring new growing techniques to develop the best quality weed with yields that will blow your mind. Indoor cannabis growing with hydroponics is one of the most exciting trends for growers. It achieves impressive yields and better quality at faster rates than other traditional methods.

If it’s your first time hearing about hydroponics, this post will give insight into how it’s elevating the way we grow cannabis at home.


What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is not a new agricultural practice, but more cannabis growers are starting to incorporate the method into their home grow setups. It’s a water-based growing method that submerges plant roots directly into nutrient-rich water instead of in soil. This direct transfer of nutrients to the roots allows several advantages for growers and plants.

amsterdam geneticsElevating Cannabis Cultivation Indoors


Why Growers Prefer Indoor Cannabis Growing With Hydroponics

There is an ongoing debate over whether hydroponics or traditional soil growing methods are better for cannabis plants. Choosing which method is best is a matter of preference and convenience. With the right skills, you can see advantages to either one. Those in favour of hydroponics like this method for the following reasons:

  • Indoor-friendliness
  • Costs
  • Yields

While these can change depending on your specific growing setup, it’s a good baseline to see why it’s becoming so popular in recent years.


Growing cannabis indoors is effective for growers living in regions with unfavourable climates for year-round cultivation—like Amsterdam! Hydroponics gives growers the flexibility to grow plants in every season.

Hydroponics is a cleaner way to grow weed indoors. It avoids attracting pests associated with using soil and makes it more convenient for cleanup since you only use liquid-based solutions.


Growing weed at home can give significant cost savings for regular consumers. Hydroponics can be a cost-saving method if budget is a big concern for your setup. Hydroponics typically has a higher initial cost to set up the system. However, it’s a more efficient use of water, nutrients, and other additives in the long run. It allows you to provide the plant with exactly what it needs to grow with no water going into the soil, for example. Other systems feature recycling water systems like the Ebb and Flow hydroponics method. 


One of the biggest advantages of indoor cannabis growing with hydroponics is improved yields. Growers seeking ways to increase the quantity and quality of their cannabis can experiment with hydroponics as a way to improve. It’s an excellent way to get the maximum yield potential when using our premium cannabis seeds.

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Achieving better yields with Hydroponics

Once you know the basics of growing cannabis indoors, the next step is learning how to improve your yield. Did you know that switching your growing method can lead to significant improvements? It sounds like a simple solution. However, the very nature of hydroponics is designed to create strong and healthy plants ready to produce tons of cannabis buds when it’s time to flower.

Here’s some insight into how hydroponics works, leading to improved growth rates and yields per plant.

  1. Better nutrient delivery

Hydroponics is one of the most effective ways to deliver the perfect amounts of nutrients to a cannabis plant. This is especially necessary with indoor grows since you lack essential elements for plant growth, like natural sunlight or nutrients found in soil.

This method provides a direct delivery system from nutrients artificially added into the water solution to the plant’s roots. Using the right amount of nutrients, you can ensure your plant gets precisely what it needs to grow. Nutrients lead to healthy and happy plants that will ultimately produce amazing yields. 

  1. Faster Growth

A cannabis plant can take months to go from seed to harvest. The good news is that hydroponics can shave some time off the growth schedule and get you closer to enjoying your harvest much sooner. But how does it work?

Related to the direct delivery of nutrients, it’s also the reason why plants grow faster in a hydroponics system. Roots do not have to dig through soil to find the nutrients they need to grow. Giving the roots these nutrients directly will allow them to focus their energy on growth. 

Think of it as ordering delivery food right to your front door vs. going to the grocery store to buy food. Both result in eating a meal, but the person who ordered delivery will start eating much faster than the person who has to go out and find food. The same works for hydroponics!

Indoor cannabis growing with hydroponics is a solution for growers seeking ways to improve their yields. Use this method along with our other tips to increase cannabis yields indoors, and you may soon find yourself with more weed than you can handle! That’s definitely a good problem to have!


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