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The Worldwide Wave of Cannabis: Understanding Global Growth

We examined the key trends in cannabis growth around the world. Now, it’s time to explore the main drivers behind them. Cannabis popularity has exploded globally with several trends in the overall market, cultivation, legalisation, and product innovations.

The exciting thing is understanding the reasons behind the global growth to explore possibilities of continued expansion and how it can affect you as an avid cannabis consumer.


Let’s be honest—none of the recent changes we’ve seen in the cannabis industry would be possible without the growing support for the plant in politics. What was once considered criminal activity with harsh penalties has now become a mainstream product widely used worldwide.

The Netherlands was always at the forefront of legalisation, and many consider it the ‘birthplace of cannabis culture.’ Many other countries globally are growing their support for the plant for numerous reasons. It provides an excellent tax source, stimulates economies, and provides health benefits.

Cannabis is far from being accepted everywhere, but every step in the right direction will lead to further use and popularity for the plant.

Consider the local laws and regulations in your country before cultivating or consuming cannabis.

Societal Acceptance

The days of cannabis being considered counterculture are quickly fading. It’s long been a taboo topic in places like Amsterdam, where it has been publicly acceptable for decades. But in other countries, with recent legalisation laws like the US and Thailand, societal concerns are beginning to ease. It’s now becoming a mainstream topic freely discussed in professional settings, politics, and everyday conversations.

Cannabis popularity spans all age ranges, from teens in the legal age range for cannabis consumption who enjoy it recreationally to elders in society who use the plant for medical benefits. Even consider elders who enjoy recreational consumption and teens who turn to CBD as an alternative medicine.

Innovations in cannabis products have significant effects on it becoming more acceptable to use in many places. You no longer have to be paranoid about reeking of potent weed smell. There are alternatives to getting your daily dose of THC, such as eating edibles or using vape devices.

Another great thing about cannabis being more acceptable is finally being able to wear cannabis-themed merchandise. Show support for your favourite seed brand by checking out our collection of clothing, headwear, and accessories.

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Health Benefits

Cannabis isn’t just a substance to consume to achieve a “high.” More users are turning to the plant for its medical properties. Cannabis research has shown many benefits to consuming it, such as pain relief, aiding sleep, reducing anxiety, treating nausea, and much more. While many health benefits aren’t conclusive yet, you can find positive trends for the benefits reported by frequent users. Note that cannabis affects everyone differently and can yield different results for you.

THC isn’t the only chemical compound in cannabis plants that offers medical benefits. One of the latest health trends emerging in recent years is CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis that has potential medical benefits of anti-inflammatory effects, improving sleep, treating seizure patients, skincare benefits, etc. Like THC, these benefits aren’t conclusive and should be carefully examined if you’re taking CBD to treat certain symptoms.

Cannabis is categorised as medical or recreational in many countries. Medical cannabis is typically the first to get the green light approval for legalisation and promoted in medical settings. Doctors now recommend CBD products to treat specific ailments, and products like tablets, supplements, and topicals are widely available.


As technology improves, we’ll continue to see innovations for cannabis trends in cultivation, product development, and science. We’re always excited about new technology that helps our community of growers achieve better quality indoor grows. 

Some of these tech advances pushing cannabis cultivation forward are new growing techniques like hydroponics adaptable to smaller growing spaces. Also, lighting and growing tent kits that help stimulate more natural environments for plants to thrive. Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest developments that can rapidly transform indoor cannabis cultivation by providing data and information about your grow setup to maximise yields.

Better technology helps with developing new ways to consume cannabis and CBD. For example, it gives the ability to extract certain compounds from the plant better to make oils.

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One of the best ways to continue positive growth trends with cannabis is by experimenting. Cannabis popularity has inspired people all over the world to test innovative ways to use, consume, and grow cannabis. As it becomes more widespread with legalisation and social acceptance, users have better access to the tools necessary to take cannabis to the next level.

Amsterdam Genetics has evolved over the last few decades to support many of these trends. It’s allowed us to develop a collection of more than 40 different strains of premium cannabis seeds, partnering with a credible CBD company for CBD supplements and nutrition, and even expand our footprint with delivery in multiple European countries.

It makes it easier for us to reach growers like you! Come along as we continue to transform with the global cannabis industry.


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