amsterdam coffeeshop awards

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards For Product Excellence

As the year draws to a close, we are overjoyed to report a true avalanche of awards rolling our way here in Amsterdam! After winning Seed Bank of the Year in the 2021 Cannabis Industrie Awards last week, we are now grinning from ear to ear as we announce that our new Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte rolling papers won us the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2021, too!

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards For AG X Mascotte Papers

We are proud to announce that we received yet another award for our top notch 日本藤素
smoking accessories! This year’s online edition of the prestigious Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards saw our new line of Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte rolling papers come in first. Although competition was fierce, the members of the jury recognised the Experts Never Compromise – time to celebrate the best papers you’ll find in Amsterdam – or online, for that matter!

As dedicated high rollers were already aware, the new line of premium quality papers resulted when we combined the expertise of Amsterdam Genetics and Mascotte’s rolling experience for the ultimate connoisseur product. Available in Original and Brown editions and King Size or Slim formats, these individually embossed beauties represent pure, uncompromising quality.

amsterdam genetics coffeeshop awards


Initial feedback by veteran rollers was already super-positive. However, receiving the much-appreciated Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards for our joint efforts was the best confirmation we could get to let us know we’re on a roll!

Congratulations SupMedi On Your CBD Award!

Our AG X Macotte rolling papers were not the award-winning product you’ll find in our store, however. We congratulate SupMedi on winning Best CBD Product of the Year! Of course, SupMdedi CBD Oil and other premium supplements already had our vote, because we have been featuring them in our web store for quite some time now. Still, it is great to see a diverse jury of professional experts from across the field agree with our judgement… A well-deserved victory for SupMedi, then, and we salute them for the achievement!

CBD Oil amsterdam coffeeshop awards

More Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards Next Year, Please!

As we already announced, wining awards is one of our favourite pastimes. These Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards are great as a token of appreciation from the professional community, but of course, your continuing support as our loyal base of fans, followers and customers is even more important to us. That’s why we’re already busy cooking up next year’s award-winning products and innovations. Rest assured that our ambitions for 2022’s awards are already fired up – stay tuned for new industry-dominating strains and other premium products!