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Why Amsterdam Genetics Seeds Are The Right Choice

If you want to know just what makes Amsterdam Genetics seeds so unique in the world of premium weed strains, you need to know just how deep our roots dig into the fertile soils of the Dutch capital’s world-famous cannabis culture.

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds, Growing Strong Since 1985

We are, and always have been, all about developing the best cannabis genetics that any grower or gourmet connoisseur could ask for. Amsterdam Genetics seeds sprouted from the heartfelt desire to cultivate the finest cannabis seeds, to give the whole world a genuine taste of the city that we love.

Back in 1985, the Dutch were taking the lead in a global race to develop ever more potent cannabis strains. At the time, a select group of expert breeders and veterans embedded in the now legendary coffeeshop scene decided to join forces.

This Amsterdam-based allegiance proved to be a unique and highly effective force that has been shaping the Dutch breeding, growing, and consumer scenes for decades.

Breeding takes time; and we have been investing our time in developing premium genetics for decades. That explains why all the most sought-after classic strains grow from Amsterdam Genetics seeds. Just have a look at our legendary Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, and Amnesia Haze genetics to see exactly what we consider weed with World Heritage status.

amnesia haze amsterdam genetics seeds

The secret to our success? Simple. Until this very day, we never accepted anything less than the finest cannabis genetics the world can offer. Our unique collection of exquisite Amsterdam Genetics seeds helps rookie growers and veteran gardeners to raise, harvest, and enjoy the most delicious buds imaginable – with love, from Amsterdam.

Decades Of Dutch Breeding Experience

Together, our team of experts comprises decades, if not centuries, of first-hand experience in growing, breeding, selecting, and tasting cannabis of mind-blowing quality. This treasure trove of knowledge and savoir-faire dovetails nicely with our centuries-old Dutch tradition of methodical plant breeding and greenhouse farming.

Add to this the entirely unique touch we share by our intricate connection to Amsterdam’s cannabis history, and you start to appreciate why we say that Quality is in our Genes.

White Choco best cannabis seeds 2023

If you need proof of the pudding, just get a whiff of our flagship White Choco strain. No Amsterdam visit is complete without a taste of this celebrity chocolate delight. In the years after its release, we launched entire generations of hallmark Choco genetics, blending our pride and joy with new flavours and international innovations.

This resulted in novel delights such as Choco Cheesecake (White Choco x Cheetos), Chocolato (White Choco x Gelato), and autoflower smash hits like Choco Kush Auto (White Choco x AK-OG Kush x ruderalis) – the list just keeps on growing…

chocolato amsterdam genetics seeds

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds: Shaping Modern Cannabis Culture

The world of weed is developing fast. All around the globe, legalisation initiatives are picking up speed, resulting in explosions of wonderful new genetics that promise unprecedented new flavours and highs.

Here in Amsterdam, we celebrate these developments as we watch global cannabis communities embrace the joys of gardening by raising their own crops. Progressive liberalisation and legalisation efforts make our job easier as we continue to sow original Amsterdam Genetics seeds all over the world.

The roots of Amsterdam cannabis culture define the taste and quality contained in every single cannabis seed we cultivate and ship out to ever more destinations around the planet. Our established and acclaimed long-time partners, domestic and abroad, will gladly testify to our lasting impact on the world of weed.

Simultaneously, our breeders select the tastiest, strongest genetics created in emerging new marijuana epicentres to crossbreed them with our own domestic marvels.

These ventures culminate in our Homegrown strains, including Lit Hits like Fatkid’s Cake (GSC x Cherry Pie) and Chunky Cookies (Tropicanna Cookies x Kosher Choco Kush)

Chunky Cookies

So as the world of weed keeps expanding, the roots of Amsterdam cannabis culture spread and extend into new soil, resulting in powerful new strains for the globalising grower community to embrace.

True Passion For The Home Grower Lifestyle

Above all else, however, we create every single one of our Amsterdam Genetics seeds out of true passion for the home grower lifestyle. We have been leading the way for decades, convincing hobby gardeners that there’s no business like grow business as we help them cultivate their own home-grown stash of premium flower.

Why depend on dispensaries or, worse, shady black market operatives, when you can order the world’s finest cannabis genetics straight from Amsterdam and enjoy the process of watching the grass grow at home?

We stay true to our grassroots origins. As our community of fans and green ambassadors keeps on expanding, we continue to direct our efforts at the small-time, dedicated gourmet gardeners who started it all. That explains why we see tiny offshoots of that unmistakable Amsterdam weed culture sprout in ever more gardens worldwide.

Our reputation precedes our Amsterdam Genetics seeds wherever we ship them. If you need evidence, just check our resounding 4.7/5 score based on literally hundreds of Google reviews by growers and connoisseurs from all around the planet.

We know full well that you are playing your part in this green revolution, so it’s two green thumbs up to you – thank you for helping us spread that Cannabis Capital Love with Amsterdam Genetics Seeds!

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A Menu Like A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Our collection of premium Amsterdam Genetics seeds is like a Michelin-starred restaurant’s menu in every regard. Every pack of cannabis seeds you order from our online store embodies the full flavour, resilience, impact, and yield potential of top tier genetics.

This star chef’s menu comprises a select variety of fast, strong, easy autoflower seeds and photoperiod strains, most of them fully feminized, with a few exceptions for those who prefer non-feminized plants.

You will find all the diversity that modern weed can offer in the online catalogue of elite Amsterdam Genetics seeds, whether you prefer the classic indica and sativa dimension or select by specific botanical properties, yield potential, or terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Just like that Michelin-starred restaurant, the Amsterdam Genetics seeds menu offers a compact selection of a few dozen unique and exquisite strains rather than a random mishmash of average quality seeds. Our strict selection criteria admit only the finest genetics to ensure you order only top-shelf material, no matter what your taste or preferences.

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Quality Is In Our Genes

Of course, regardless of what we tell you about our top-shelf genetics, the real test only comes after you’ve picked your favourite strain and get those genetics popping. We suggest you do exactly that: head over to the online store, order your best match, and find out for yourself why Amsterdam Genetics seeds are such a unique joy to grow.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep directing our passion and knowledge at bringing you more Green Love from Amsterdam. We just can’t help it: it’s part of our nature because Quality Is In Our Genes…

White Choco strainWhite Choco as grown from Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Seeds

White Choco