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Applying Your Own Findings for Success in Your Next Cannabis Cultivation

One thing constantly on the minds of growers is: “How can I make my next cannabis cultivation better?” We are in an unspoken competition with ourselves to improve our growing skills and maximise the yield and bud quality of our plants. After all, we put in a lot of effort to grow a plant, so even the smallest improvements benefit the overall success of a grow.

Let’s examine a few ways you can apply yourself to fine-tuning your skills and achieve that massive harvest like you want!


Improve your grow setup

Getting started with growing cannabis indoors is as easy as it’s ever been! You can find starter grow kits that come with everything you need to begin cultivating cannabis seeds at home. Alternatively, you can find all the essentials necessary for cultivation in this blog. 

The upfront investment in your setup is one of the biggest expenses in growing weed. However, it’s not a set-it-and-go operation. Whether purchasing kits or building a DIY setup, you must consider tailoring it to your capabilities.

A few ideas for altering your current setup to improve growing success are:

  • Changing the height of lights to allow more exposure to the plants
  • Experiment with different room temperatures
  • Test different water pH levels
  • For non-auto flower cannabis seeds, consider the time you keep it in the vegetative stage before flowering

Upgrade your grow setup to optimise it on your next cultivation. Here are a few tweaks that can make huge improvements: 

  • Try different lighting systems
  • Create a larger grow space
  • Change the type of nutrients you feed your plant

Many variables affect the outcome of your harvest. The fun in cultivation is discovering what works best for you!


Applying the latest growing trends

Cultivating cannabis dates back thousands of years. We are lightyears ahead of cultivation in ancient times when it comes to how we grow and the quality of the plants. There is always something new to learn about growing cannabis that you can apply to your next successful cannabis cultivation.

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about growing cannabis, you’ll discover new techniques and trends that are even better. We uncovered some of the latest trends impacting growing cannabis indoors.

If you’re keen on staying ahead of trends, here’s how to keep educating yourself:

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Review your last harvest

Reviewing your previous harvest is one of the best indicators of your growing success. You should get better at growing after every cultivation. Examining the results of the harvest and reflecting on the prior growing experience will give you ideas on what changes you need to improve the next.

This step is for growers who already have experience with cultivation. One of the best ways to learn and improve is by being hands-on—watch for those sticky buds! You can spend a lifetime reading endless cannabis blogs and learning about growing techniques, but the true learning comes when you actually get started.

So, don’t just purchase cannabis seeds and stare at them while waiting for the perfect moment. Pop the seeds and start your journey into cannabis cultivation. As your plant progresses through the grow cycle, note how you will improve in the next cultivation.


Experiment with different seeds

Amsterdam Genetics specialises in producing premium cannabis seeds for at-home cultivation. Seeds for different strains behave differently. In addition, there are also various types of cannabis seeds you can plant. Testing different strains and seed types can help find the most optimal seed to grow based on your setup.

For example, Indica plants are ideal for smaller setups since they don’t grow as tall as Sativa strains. Also, consider the skills needed to identify male plants when growing regular seeds compared to feminized seeds.

Some of the different types of seeds we offer include:

Try different seeds to see what works best for you.

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Practice patience

One of the most important things to getting a more successful harvest in your next cannabis cultivation is being patient. Just like cannabis plants don’t grow overnight, becoming a master grower also doesn’t happen instantly. Give yourself time to develop your gardening skills and learn the nuances of your cannabis plant.

Cannabis plants take 2+ months to flower and start producing buds. Every harvest season is a new opportunity to implement something you learned in the previous cultivation, experiment with new growing setups, and know what to look for in your current cultivation to make adjustments for improvement.

Once you know the basics of cannabis cultivation, all it takes are minor improvements to lead to major successes.

Stay updated on the latest growing techniques, trends, and news on our blog.


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