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Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Seeds

Have you ever stopped and thought about why you grow cannabis? Whether you’re new to the grower community or a master grower, it’s always good to reflect on what drives us to plant cannabis seeds season after season. 

There are tons of benefits to growing your own cannabis seeds that help tilt the balance in favour of cultivation. From saving money to improving the quality, growing cannabis is an invaluable skill for any cannabis connoisseur.

See if any of these reasons resonate with you.


Getting your perfect strain

Marijuana strains affect everyone uniquely. We develop our favourites based on how they smell, the highs they give us, or simply the way they look. A benefit to growing your own cannabis seeds is ensuring that your plant contains all of the things you like most about the strain.

Cultivating your own cannabis at home gives you a better chance of getting plants with the right genes to grow the strain you’re expecting. This is known as gene- and pheno-hunting. Experienced growers can breed their own plants that only contain the best characteristics to make your ultimate strain!


Quality control for plants

Growing cannabis at home gives substantial control over the final result of the plant’s quality. The better the grow, the bigger the yield, potency, appearance, and overall health of the buds.

Several variables impact the quality of cannabis when growing at home. Light, soil, nutrients, water, environment, and care all affect the quality of your plant. Plant a high-yielding cannabis strain like Lemon Ice to get a harvest that supports your consumption habits. Modify your growing techniques to improve the taste of the cannabis. Plant uniquely coloured strains like the Exotic Purple Autoflower to add some purple and pink colour to your grow room.

In addition to controlling the type of cannabis plants you’ll grow, home cultivation also ensures your environment is free of pests, diseases, and other things that can harm your plant.

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The stigma about cannabis in Amsterdam is more relaxed than in many other parts of the world. If you’re cultivating in legalized areas that still carry social stigma, growing cannabis at home is a great way to enjoy it privately.

Cannabis users cover the spectrum of demographics who use it for recreation and/or medical purposes. With a good growing setup, not even your neighbours will know you like indulging in cannabis.



If you’re a frequent smoker, you’ll be surprised at the cost-saving benefits of growing your own cannabis seeds. After an initial upfront investment for your grow setup, you can theoretically grow weed forever!

Check out this post for all you need to grow weed. With successful indoor grows, you can yield upwards of a quarter-pound of buds from a single plant alone. Outdoor grows can bloom 1 to 3 pounds of buds. Since weed is a plant, it reproduces by yielding seeds or using the cloning method. So, you can look forward to a nice harvest of buds every season.

Keep in mind your local laws about the number of plants you’re allowed to grow indoors.


Satisfies Green Thumb

We all have our hobbies. Some enjoy rowing our canals, while others prefer making art or cooking. For many cannabis growers, cultivation is their hobby of choice.

If you love gardening or ever cared for a plant at home, then you may find a new love in growing cannabis at home. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a plant go from a tiny cannabis seed to a mature plant full of buds.

Growing cannabis seeds isn’t as simple as planting and harvesting. It’s a multi-week process of caring for the plant, cleaning, maintenance, and plenty of trial-and-error until you perfect your techniques. The best growers are always the ones who enjoy the process.

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A benefit to growing your own cannabis seeds is having access to cannabis when and as much as you need it. Growing cannabis at home gives the freedom of knowing your strain is always available with no ‘store hours’. Convenience is especially beneficial for medical cannabis users. Grow cannabis plants to have an ample supply in every season.


Learning and skill-building

School is in session! Knowing how to grow cannabis is a handy skill to have. It means you’ll always have access to cannabis and have an overall better appreciation of the plant.

Treat your cannabis plant like your plant child. Like all living things, it has a life cycle. You’ll learn something new at each stage. Different strains also grow differently, so no two grows are the same. The more you grow, the more you will improve the quality and size of your harvest.

Paying attention to the environment and nutrients you put into your plant helps you understand terpenes, cannabinoids, flavour and aroma profiles, and more. Your awareness of these enhances your cannabis experience, from growing to consumption.

Ready to experience the benefits of growing your own cannabis seeds for yourself? Get a head start on at-home cannabis cultivation with our high-quality cannabis seeds.


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