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CBD Oil, Depression & Antidepressants

When you are struggling with depression, you will want to go to great lengths just to get rid of it. Surely, regular antidepressants can help, but these come with nasty side-effects that may keep you from using them. CBD Oil can be a useful natural alternative, however, as this cannabinoid can have a positive effect on your overall mood. This blog helps you consider the option of using CBD Oil to relieve depression symptoms instead of antidepressants.

Feeling Down VS Depression

If you are feeling low, down, moody, or sad right now, there is little cause for concern. These are challenging times, fraught with not-too-distant warfare, widespread financial problems, rampant climate emergency, and a pandemic that could flare up at any moment. And that’s without even considering any personal issues you may be dealing with. At times like these, simply staying optimistic can seem a daunting task.

Feelings of sadness and depression are two different things, however. Low moods fade over time. Depression is marked my more severe symptoms that persist over time. Actual depression cannot be diagnosed before the symptoms persist for at least two weeks. These symptoms can last for weeks or even months. Importantly, normal feelings of sadness pass automatically, whereas depression usually doesn’t.

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Signs Of Depression

Some of the important signs that you may be depressed include feelings of anxiety and sadness. Activities you used to enjoy no longer manage to cheer you up. In a very real sense, life seems to hold no joy at all. People suffering from depression can lose their appetite and ability to sleep. They often face general lack of energy. Other symptoms include trouble concentrating, lack of self-confidence, and suicidal thoughts.

Minor depression usually allows people to retain some level of control over their lives. Symptoms tend to be relatively mild. Major depression is a different matter altogether, however. Major depression is a serious condition that requires clinical diagnosis, professional help, and usually medication, too. For both minor and major depression, however, CBD Oil could have its own unique benefits.

Cannabis Or CBD Oil For Depression?

Many people actually try cannabis to keep symptoms of depression under control. This is clearly not advisable in many cases, since weed can intensify negative emotions and make matters worse. Finding professional help is always advisable in case of severe depression. Nonetheless, we have listed our most popular strains to counter low oods and depressed feelings for you in this dedicated blog.

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What Can CBD Oil Or Antidepressants Do Against Depression?

If you are experiencing sad feelings or other depression symptoms, you may be wondering whether you should try CBD Oil alongside or instead of regular antidepressants. No matter what you decide to do, it can be helpful to know either option works and what their usual effects are. CBD Oil has a natural potential to help reduce depression symptoms by working with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a widespread network of protein receptors charged with maintaining the overall physiological balance of the body.

The endocannabinoid system regulates a wide range of processes to keep you in optimal shape while your environment continuously changes. The ECS influences your internal organs, your immune system, and central nervous system. In order to function, the ECS uses cannabinoids. These natural cannabinoid compounds come in two classes: endocannabinoids produced by the body itself, and phytocannabinoids derived from cannabis plants, including CBD (cannabidiol). The similarity between CBD and compounds produced by our own body explains why CBD can have a positive effect on depression symptoms.

CBD Oil, Depression, And Antidepressants

You may wonder just how different the effects of CBD Oil on depression are compared to regular antidepressants. Synthetic prescription antidepressants work by influencing production and availability of specific neurotransmitters, such as noradrenaline and serotonin, for instance. These neurotransmitters relay messages throughout the body and brain, allowing them to affect your mood. If used successfully, this is how regular antidepressants can make you feel better.

Such prescription drugs can take quite some time before they start to produce effects, however. Moreover, they tend to produce thoroughly unpleasant side-effects such as dizziness, palpitations, weight gain, and more. Perhaps more importantly, synthetic antidepressants can cause dependency on extended use. This means it can be very hard to quit using them, which is deeply concerning.

This is precisely why CBD Oil is so promising for depression symptoms. It does not cause dependency or addiction, it’s fully natural, and it works with your body to fight depression.

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Studying The Effects Of CBD Oil On Depression

As mentioned earlier, serotonin is on of the main neurotransmitters involved in depression. If you have sufficient serotonin levels, you feel at ease and satisfied. This is why some antidepressants specifically target serotonin pathways and mechanisms in the brain.

The big plus of CBD is its ability to indirectly influence serotonin receptors. Regular antidepressants tend to target these receptors directly, which is exactly why they can cause dependency. Animal studies (2014) demonstrated that CBD is a promising candidate for depression treatment. A review conducted in 2018 showed that CBD Oil can help relieve anxiety, PTSS, stress, and depression without risks of addiction or dependency.

Another neurotransmitter associated with depression is anandamide. This substance, also called the ‘bliss hormone’, is produced in the brain. Balanced anandamide levels make us feel happy and at ease. Taking CBD slows down metabolism of anandamide, allowing it to keep circulating in the bloodstream. This is yet another means by which CBD Oil can help reduce depression symptoms through improving our sense of satisfaction.

Can You take CBD Oil And Antidepressants At The Same Time?

If you are wondering whether you can safely take CBD Oil while also using antidepressants for depression symptoms, you should know that CBD can affect the way some of these prescription drugs work. CBD can cause certain antidepressants to remain in the bloodstream longer. This specifically concerns MAOs (mono amino oxidase inhibitors) and TCAs (tricyclic antidepressants). This in turn can aggravate side-effects. That is why you should always consult your doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist before trying CBD Oil to treat your depression symptoms.

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CBD Oil And Depression: Judge For Yourself

CBD Oil has several properties that make it an interesting candidate for depression treatment. If this has aroused your curiosity, we suggest you try it for yourself (after consulting your doctor if you are already on medication). CBD Oil is available as a full spectrum oil-based supplement, but you could also try our convenient CBD Tablets, CBD Candy, or one of our other high-quality SupMedi CBD products.

Find Your Ideal CBD Supplement

CBD Oil is not the only cannabis related alternative for depression treatment, however. Cannabis (and hemp)  plants produce a wide range of useful, high-potency compounds that can help fight depression, too. THC, for instance, appears to have its own potential for depression relief. Here too, the general advice is to always be cautious when using cannabis alongside certain kinds of medication. And as we mentioned earlier, you should know that cannabis can intensify your mood, including depressed or sad moods.

Never forget that depression is a serious condition that you shouldn’t have to tackle on your own. Find professional support from your doctor or psychologist to help you get back on your feet. No matter what, though, we sincerely hope that CBD Oil can help you gain the upper hand over your depression.

CBD OilCBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% (10ml)

CBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% (10ml)