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Grow Guide 3: Aphids And Repotting Weed Plants

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been wondering how Sista Mary’s Skyrocket girls are doing. Well, we’re happy to report that all three young ladies are thriving! As you’ll read in this third growing guide, the Skyrocket seed triplets are growing happily, reaching for the sun in their outdoor habitat. Let’s have a closer look and see how the grow is getting along.

After their germination and the ensuing early days spent on Sista Mary’s window sill, the seedlings were released out into the garden. There, they had all the time and sunlight they could ask for. The favourable weather conditions of the Dutch spring worked wonders for the girls. After the first leaves emerged from the seedling stalk, more mature leaves with the tell-tale serrated edges of true cannabis followed.

Grow Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis at home
Pot Plants Indeed

Growing Up

At the point where we catch up, Theresa, Hilda and Caroline are five weeks old. They have been living in a simple backyard greenhouse for some days to make a smooth transition from behind the window to the great outdoors. Now, they have finally left their ‘diapers’ behind. Time for some potty training: the Sistaz moved from tiny flowerpots to larger accommodations.

The THC Sistaz were transplanted into three 65-litre mortar tubs. This is a deliberate choice. Not only can these tubs be moved if necessary; they’ll also stay upright in a storm. On top of that, these heavy-duty flower pots will discourage anyone trying to sneak off with your precious plants in the night. At the very least, you’ll be able to catch up with anyone who tries to run off with them!


Potty Training

Transplanting the girls was easy. Simply remove the whole plant from the small flowerpot by gently lifting it out, roots, soil, and everything. Obviously, the large mortar tubs require some extra potting soil, so be sure to have a bag or two handy when you arrive at this point. For some additional nutrients, mix a bit of compost into the new soil you’re using to fill the tubs. For drainage, drill a few holes in the bottom of the tubs. A lot depends on the space you have available for your outdoor growing adventures, but using separate containers for all of your plants leaves you the option of moving them about if needed. Three plants take a lot of soil if you want to plant them together. You’ll need to be superstrong or inventive to relocate them later on if you have to.

grow skyrocket weed at home
Caroline at five weeks

Tricks Of The Trade

Time for a little sustainable trick of the trade. Dehydration of your soil is probably the main risk for your young cannabis plants at this stage. You don’t want to add too much water, but now that they’re out in the sun, you don’t want your girls to grow thirsty, either. To prevent water from evaporating in the hot hours around noon, add a layer of hay on top of the soil, covering the whole surface. This acts like a natural shield for your pot, keeping the much-needed moisture inside. This ‘straw hat’ has an added bonus: you’re less likely to see ‘non-weed weeds’ spout up alongside your cannabis darlings. Unwanted weeds only end up stealing valuable nutrients from your soil. Denying them a change to catch the sunlight will prevent a lot of unwanted stowaways in your mortar tubs.

Natural Allies

Growing outdoors in the most natural way is very rewarding, but it also involves challenges. The spring of 2020 has been particularly hot here in the Netherlands so far. Lots of sunshine is good news for plants, but you can have too much of good thing. Presently, the ground is starting to look pretty parched all around the country. This makes keeping moisture levels in check even more important. It also creates favourable conditions for aphids, as Theresa, Hilda and Caroline have noticed. Luckily, nature can be an ally here as well as an adversary. There’s been a real boom in the ladybug population around here, and they’re happily chewing away at the aphid infestations that spring up around the garden.

homegrown cannabis is easy
Theresa in her new abode

Old School Tips

There’s a few other handy, relatively harmless ways to combat aphids. The most natural trick in my book is using liquid nettle fertilizer. You can make this yourself by letting freshly picked nettles ferment in water by adding sugar and spraying it onto the leaves. Added benefit: as the name suggest, this also acts as additional fertilizer for your weed. Another option is using soft soap and a tiny drop of methylated spirit. If you want a true natural classic, use garlic extract, which was already used by the ancient Egyptians to keep pests at bay. Whatever you do, though, NEVER spray your plants in broad daylight! Water on the leaves will act like a prism for the sunbeams, causing the light to ‘burn’ the plant. Wait until the sun goes down and you should be alright.

So with these low-impact grower’s tips out of the way, the little ladies are all set to fend for themselves out in the backyard. At this stage, they really start to show individual differences between them. It goes to show that every single Skyrocket seed has unique genetics. That’s why naming your darlings makes sense – you can take your time to observe how they develop to full potential as unique cannabis individuals.

Sista Mary will be keeping a close eye on the THC Sistaz, and report back soon. Happy growing for now, Theresa, Hilda and Caroline!

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