How long does CBD stay in your system

How Long Does CBD Remain In Your System?

When you use CBD products, you might wonder how long CBD remains in your system. It could be useful to know, because it might help you determine the dosage. There are multiple factors that affect the time CBD stays in your body. Such as the way you use it, your metabolic rate and the quality of the CBD.

Which Factors Are Important?

Anybody who uses CBD, soon finds out that there’s no clear guide on how to use it. The effect CBD has on you, how you will react and what dosage you need, all depend on the person using it. When you use CBD, you have to try out for yourself what works for you. There are only general guidelines that you can follow.

The same applies to the question of how long CBD remains in your system. There are a number of factors that play a role:

1. The Way You Use CBD

You can use CBD in different ways. There are tablets and oil, which you let dissolve in your mouth or dribble under the tongue. This way, CBD is quickly absorbed into the blood through the mucous membrane of the mouth. It doesn’t have to pass the stomach and intestines. This is the reason you acquire larger quantities of CBD in your blood and it will take longer for it to disappear from your blood.

You can also take CBD Ingestibles, like beverages or snacks. Because you have to swallow these, the CBD ends up in the stomach and intestines. After that, it’s processed by the liver. It not only takes longer before it’s absorbed this way, but you’ll also have less CBD in your blood because some CBD is broken down in the digestive tract. However, CBD edibles can be a good alternative to CBD Supplements – especially if you’re looking switch up your consumption method.

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2. Quality Of CBD

Another important factor is the quality of the CBD you use. The purer the CBD, the less chemical and unnecessary additives there are in it. These could limit the absorption of CBD and also influence how long CBD remains in your system. Obviously, good quality CBD has a more profound and long term effect.

It’s recommended to always buy CBD products from a company that clearly lists the ingredients on the packaging.

SupMedi guarantees high quality CBD products, by carefully and regularly checking the production process. Besides, SupMedi CBD Products are laboratory-tested to guarantee consumer safety and the product’s contents.

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3. How Often And How Much CBD You Use

When you only use CBD occasionally, the body breaks it down after a short amount of time. In case you use CBD for a prolonged period of time, a level of the compound builds up in the body. If you stop using it, it takes longer to get it out of your system. The amount you take is also relevant: the larger the dose, the longer it takes, before the body can get rid of the CBD.

How Long CBD Remains In The Body

A rough estimate is that when you take a single small dose of CBD, it disappears from the body within 24 to 48 hours. When you take CBD long-term, it can remain in the body up to 7 days. However, this doesn’t mean the effects will last this long. It only signifies that the compound can still be detected in your blood.

Another reason people would like to know how long CBD can stay in the body; is because they are afraid they’ll test positive in a drugtest. CBD products are not allowed to contain THC (or only contain a negligible amount of 0,2%). THC is the psychoactive compound that is, like CBD, found in the cannabis plant; and is what gives you the well-known high.

Because CBD products only contain minute amounts of THC, you’d have to take huge amounts of CBD (more than 1000 mg CBD per day) to test positive in a drug test. That would require you to take a whole bottle of CBD oil (10% CBD) at once. If you use regular amounts of CBD, there’s really no need to worry about testing positive in a drug test.