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Pets and Weed: Why Cats Love Cannabis

Cats love cannabis! And although felines could reap some benefits from the plant – that doesn’t mean our favorite furry friends should get high, too. As cannabis intoxication can have serious consequences for your four-legged pal. This is what you need to know about cats and cannabis.

Cannabis in Pets

Like us humans, cats are equipped with an endocannabinoid-system (ECS). A huge network of receptors throughout the body, that help regulate all sorts of bodily functions and hormones. Through the ECS, cannabinoids like THC and CBD help us and our pets balance out necessary processes in our body. Helping us fight pain, sleeping or eating disorders and mental distress for example.

Thanks to this endocannabinoid-system, our cats – but also dogs and other mammals like horses – are therefore all able to process cannabis in the same way we do. Though that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy the psychoactive effects of the most common cannabinoid, THC, too.

Considering cats are not consciously aware of the substance they’re ingesting, nor are they able to dose it themselves, we as cannabis enjoying pet-owners have a responsibility towards our furry homies. Especially because the little fur balls seem to love the stuff in all forms!

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Weed = No Catnip

Cats love nibbling away on plants. As most cat-owners may know, some plants even give their furry pals similar effects to those we experience after consuming cannabis. When smelled, a pinch of catnip can dilate your fur ball’s pupils and have it act in all sorts of crazy ways – much like the effects of a sativa cannabis strain. After ingesting some of this weed-resembling herb, cats can even feel sedated and fall asleep. As if they’d smoked a fat indica joint, for example. Though simply replacing catnip for ‘humannip’, cannabis, will not work the same way for your cat.

cat pet cannabis

Moreover, it could even induce toxic effects in your beloved pet pal. Of course, a bite or two from a fresh and living cannabis plant won’t affect your cat too much. As the cannabinoids in fresh plants are not yet decarboxylated at this point. Meaning that THC is still in its acidic form (THCa), and therefore not psychoactive. But believe us when we say that you don’t want to see your cat high after ingesting hash, edibles or concentrates. As it will:

  • Dilate their pupils
  • Induce dizzyness
  • Lower blood pressure & heart rate
  • Induce deep sleep
stoned cat catnip cannabis
Make sure you stash your weed to avoid it being eaten by your cat! [Image: Thomas Quin / Flickr]

So make sure your stash is safely stocked out of reach for your cat. It could easily save you from a trip to the veterinarian. Something we absolutely advise when you know your cat ingested cannabis in any form.

CBD for Cats

This doesn’t mean cats can never have cannabis, though; nor that all components from weed plants are bad for them. As the beneficial effects of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD on the human body and mind, also applies to our fur pals. Again, all thanks to the endocannabinoid-system (ECS). Helping cats battle pain, inflammation or behavioral disorders. One thing to keep in mind is that your cat obviously doesn’t require the same dosage as you, to reach the desired effect.

On the internet, you’ll find different recommendations in terms of the right way to dose CBD in pets. For cats and other small pets, we advise to use our CBD Oil. As this is easier to dose than the 10% CBD Oil we offer on our website. For adult cats, we advise a maximum dosage of 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day. Kittens obviously don’t need that much and therefore have a maximum of 1-2 drops total a day.

cbd oil
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The easiest way to administer CBD to your cat, is by mixing it through their regular food. And considering not all cats need the maximum dosage right away, start with one drop and see where it takes you. You can always give an extra drop, but can never take it back…

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