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Pro Cannabis Growing Tips – AG Interview

Growing weed is an ongoing process of honing your grower skills and knowledge. If you want to keep improving your harvest yields, staying up to date with the latest insights is critical. In this blog, Amsterdam Genetics Team member Jeroen shares his thoughts on cultivating your grow know-how with the latest cannabis growing tips.

Moving Beyond Bread And Butter Techniques

Q: So, Jeroen, what’s your personal take on using grow tips and advanced cannabis insights to improve your results?

A: Well, first of all, it’s useful to admit that none of us know everything, not even celebrity grower gurus with thousands of followers. Techniques go in and out of fashion, advanced technology will keep advancing; and most importantly, we are working with organic, living matter here. And when I say living matter, I mean both the plant and the gardener tending it.

There are no guaranteed solutions in biology: it’s all gloriously messy, dynamic, and erratic. To me, that’s what makes this hobby so thrilling – even though it can be a major source of frustration as well.

At any rate, the ever-changing nature of weed gardening just proves the importance of staying up to date with the latest cannabis growing tips. You learn as you go, promoting personal growth while you grow your ganja. How neat is that?

Q: But did you get any better at growing weed by applying advanced techniques?

A: For sure. In fact, I probably learn most when I make mistakes and screw up a grow by trying new methods. It all depends on how you define ‘getting better’. I’m sure that getting the hang of cannabis growing tips got me bigger harvests and stronger plants.

Personally, I find new grow techniques most rewarding when they challenge my routines and assumptions. Gaining new perspectives and insights into the hobby that I love is just great – although I’ll admit the feeling gets even better if those insights improve my bud yields in the end…

Low stress training
Low Stress Training (LST) is a personal favourite.

The Best Cannabis Growing Tips For You

Q: Okay, so let’s have it then: what’s your favourite advanced growing technique?

A: That’s a tough one. Like I said, there is no single trick that will work all the time in any circumstances. Having said that, I tend to prefer techniques that cause minimal stress to my plants (and to myself) for optimal results. They’re usually the more subtle techniques like LST or gentle defoliation, for instance.

Companion planting is another personal favourite. These low-impact  growing tips are not as invasive as, say, fimming or supercropping. I prefer working with the plant’s natural behaviour, gently nudging it in the direction I want it to move rather than forcing it to do somersaults, so to speak.

Q: So which advanced growing techniques would you advise anyone to try at least once?

A: All of them, to be honest. The grow tips we discuss in the Amsterdam Genetics blogs are all worth a shot. Besides, trying them for yourself is the only way to figure out whether they suit your personal style. As a grower community, we’re all unique individuals with our own style.

It’s similar to picking your perfect strain. Trying different advanced techniques and experiencing the effects for yourself is the best way to find out what works for you.

I would encourage anyone to stay critical in reviewing cannabis growing tips. There are some real gems of wisdom out there, but there’s also a lot of BS and superstition. I know I said you should try all techniques, tips and tricks, but it helps to keep your expectations low.

Many cannabis growing tips and techniques take a few rounds of trial and error to master. Moreover, not all strains are equally suited for experimenting. Use familiar, tough genetics as your guinea pigs to save yourself from disappointment.

ak choco kush seeds
AK Choco Kush is a highly resilient strain able to cope with serious stress.

The Importance Of An Experimental Mindset

Q: So how can growers keep up with all the latest cannabis growing tips?

A: Well, checking out our Amsterdam Genetics Grow Blogs is of course a fine place to start.  We are constantly improving and expanding the content and scope of our grow tips and blogs on advanced techniques for veteran and rookie indoor and outdoor growers.

We have a considerable grower community base for a source of input, and our own breeders share any tips they may have with our customers and fans.

Beyond that, sharing your experiences with fellow growers helps a lot – especially if you keep us in the loop while your knowledge expands! You can find your peers on community platforms like GrowDiaries, but getting into some private chat groups can work wonders too once you make a few connections.

Q: Any other grow tips you want to share?

A: Dozens, but I’ll spare you the rant. I would say the most important advice I want to share is to be bold and try to feed your experimental mindset. It’s no secret that the best weeds grow at some distance from the beaten track.

Read up on random gardening and botany sources – heck, raid your grandma’s bookshelves for hidden gems of wisdom if you like. Inspiration can come from unexpected angles, you know?

Let me give you a personal example. I recently had the opportunity to join a masterclass on general plant breeding theory, and even though they were not about cannabis, I walked out with some fresh ideas to use in my personal growing approach. The same thing could happen when I visit the local gardening centre, or on a stroll in the woods with my wife and daughter.

In the end, growing weed is not about mastering one killer technique and using it over and over to get perfect harvests on every single run. To me at least, ganja gardening is more about nurturing your personal growth as your cannabis growing techniques evolve. Keep up with the latest trends and discoveries, absorb what you like, and stay away from anything that doesn’t suit you.

Working with nature never gets boring as long as you keep the organic mindset that goes with it. There is real joy to be found in gardening, whether you prefer to cultivate the perfect rose on your front lawn or the finest resin-dripping haze bud in your basement!

advanced cannabis growing tips
Grow the flowers that you love…

Q: Any parting words for your fellow growers?

A: Use. Good. Genetics. Period.

Seriously though: no matter what advanced techniques or grow hacks you want to try, they won’t work on crappy genetics. If you don’t invest in ordering premium cannabis seeds, you’ll never know the full potential of your experiments.

Beyond that, just stay optimistic and roll with the punches. If you work with Mother Nature she’s going to punch you in the face no matter what you do, and ignoring or resisting her will only make things worse. Have a bit of faith in Her and in yourself, and you’re bound to improve with every new grow you complete!

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