AG Original Filter Booklets


Luxury box containing 50 Amsterdam Genetics Filter Booklets White. Enjoy quality in high-grade materials, featuring embossed AG logos on each individual filter tip; 32 tips per booklet

Product description

If you’re going for top quality anyway, we’ve got a few more pro tips to share. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a whole box of them waiting for you right here. X marks the spot, because our luxury Amsterdam Genetics Filters White are instantly recognizable by their glow-in-the-dark cross logo. Fifty booklets of 32 filter tips, made of the best materials for optimal filtered pleasure.

AG Filters White embody quality design down to the tiniest details: you’ll find the AG logo embossed onto every single filter tip. Of course, the overall design is a seamless match for our Amsterdam genetics King Size Papers, because when it comes to style, we’re perfectly clear: ‘It’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle’!

1 review for AG Original Filter Booklets

  1. Matthijs (verified owner)

    I didn’t like them that much because of the folding lines in them! They are pretty good in every other way but it just annoys me that much hopefully i see another line without the folding lines

    • ContentAG

      Thanks for the feedback Matthijs! These folding lines are not for everyone; some love them, some would rather go without. Glad you love the papers though – and maybe it’s a matter of getting used to that fold… Enjoy your herbs no matter what!

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