Bio PK 5-8 (500ml)


One bottle contains 500ml Bio PK 5-8 by BioTabs. A powerful organic top-booster liquid by BioTabs for larger yields and aromatic buds.

Product description

BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 is a fully organic, liquid fertilizer for plant cultivation. It contains NPK: 2–5–8, seaweed, vitamins, auxins and other phytohormones. In addition to promoting larger yields; Bio PK 5-8 helps develop more fragrant, aromatic flowers.

BIO PK 5-8 contains a combination of BioTabs’ flower boosting formula; with trace elements, phosphorus, potassium, calcium (2,5%), molasses, humic acid and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12 to ensure your plants flower to their maximum potential.

  • Nitrogen N 2%
  • Phosphorus P2O5 5%
  • Potassium K2O 8%

How To Use BioTabs Bio PK 5-8

Use BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 to promote rooting, growth and flowering during this stage in the plant’s life cycle.

Add 1-3 ml BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 per liter water, when watering the plants; from the second week of flowering until one week before harvest.


Feed 10ml BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 to each plant, diluted in at least a liter of water during weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 of flowering. Use the BioTabs Bio PK 5-8 in combination with the other products from the BioTabs line, for the best results during your grow.

Note: We do not recommend the use of liquid organic fertilisers with drip irrigation as they can block such systems.


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