AG Brown King Size Papers


Luxury craft paper box contains 50 x 32pcs extra broad AG Brown King Size papers. Each individual rolling paper bears an embossed AG logo, and every pack features a shiny golden AG logo.

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Product description

The tight design of these Amsterdam Genetics Brown King Size papers fits like a tuxedo suit for special moments to enjoy in style. The package looks even more dandy, featuring embossed branding and a gleaming golden AG design on the cover. Choose extra thin, extra slow-burning papers of extra natural quality with these extra broad papers (108 x 53mm). Every single paper proudly displays the Amsterdam Genetics logo in embossed letters, to accommodate the connoisseur with an eye for detail. That’s exactly what we mean by our printed motto: It’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle!

Convenience, comfort, and a natural sense of style; you’ll wrap it all into one with Amsterdam Genetics King Size Brown papers. Each pack has a warning leaf for when you’ve reached your last five papers. When you get there, though, there’s no need to worry: all you have to do is order a full luxury display box containing 50 packs of 32 AG Brown King Size papers. Perhaps this is a good time to order our fancy AG Filters Brown tip booklets while you’re at it?


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