Mascotte Active Carbon Filters (6 mm)

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One box contains 10 Active Charcoal Filters (6mm) with ceramic caps to use as filter tip in your joints. Filled with natural coconut carbon for excellent filter quality and air circulation.

Product description

Filters A Lot – But Not Your High

Experience a cleaner smoke, filtered of all unwanted components. The new ‘Mascotte Active Filters’ are easy to roll with and filter all unwanted particles from your smoke. Without a negative impact on the taste (or high) from your joint. Tested and approved by customers of some of The Netherlands’ best coffeeshops.

Mascotte’s Active Filters have the perfect diameter (6mm) to roll in King Size Rolling Papers or King Size Slim rolling papers from our line of quality Smoking Gear. Filled with natural charcoal from coconut shells in a balanced density for the perfect air filter quality. Furthermore, the filters have ceramic caps for good air circulation. Mascotte Active Filters for joints and blunts are packed per 10 in a handy, luxurious slide-to-open box.

Roll your joints with the Mascotte Active Filters for a healthier and tastier smoking experience.


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