Matte Velvet Grinder


This sturdy, reliable, highly functional grinder produces ready-to-roll cannabis at a flick of the wrist. Featuring high quality teeth for fast and effective grinding, the magnet lock makes sure you don’t lose a single speck of precious flower while you roll & enjoy with casual ease.

Product description

High Class Effortless Grinding Pleasure

If you choose only the highest grade flower, of course you want the finest grinder to match your taste. Our Matte Velvet grinder offers smoothly ground buds at a flick of the wrist – expertly distributed grinder teeth do the work for you while a sophisticated magnet lock keeps your stash safe and secure.

High quality goes hand in hand with smooth design. A matte velvety white finish projects a slick sense of class while embossed and debossed front and back Amsterdam Genetics logos radiate quality branding like a charm.

Enjoy smooth taste and effortless pleasure by maximising combustible surface of all your preferred strains. Preserve every last trichome and savour the full aroma with this handy, lightweight, pocket-size cannabis  grinder. Perfect to bring along wherever you go – make an unmistakable style statement wherever you pop this indispensable piece of smoking gear onto the table!

Box size: 6x6x3cm with pvc window.



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