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Terpenes In Cannabis: Terpinolene

Cannabis is not only rich in cannabinoids; it also provides terpenes such as terpinolene. This terpene produces the refreshingly flowery scent of certain cannabis strains. In addition, it can affect our health in positive ways. Scientists are exploring the influence of terpenes, and so studies into their effectiveness are on the rise. Terpinolene is suspected of having relaxing effects, which can make it useful in stress and anxiety relief. It could also help reduce risks of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, terpinolene affects the high you can experience from cannabis. Caryophyllene can also provide an interesting spin on the high you experience from any cannabis strain. We still have much to learn about terpenes, but below, you’ll find out what we’ve discovered so far about cannabis and terpinolene.

Terpinolene And Other Cannabis Terpenes

Like most other plants, cannabis produces terpenes. These compounds are responsible for the aromas emitted by plants and trees, like the lovely scent of pine trees, mint, or rosemary. Terpenes amount to much more than pleasant odours, however. Plants employ them to attract insects, bacteria, and other animals, or to repel them instead.

This is how terpenes are partly responsible for a plant’s reproductive success and protection against predation and disease. Moreover, terpenes help restore tissue and regulate oxygen distribution within plants. Without terpenes, flowers, shrubs, and trees would not be able to survive for long.

These aromatic compounds have uses for humans, too. Terpinolene, for instance, is often used in soaps and perfumes. That’s hardly surprising once you’ve smelled its pleasantly fresh and flowery scent. Besides cannabis, terpinolene is commonly found in conifers, apples, cumin, lilac, tea tree, and rosemary. It is present in just about all cannabis strains, although concentrations are usually low. Yet, terpinolene can influence the effects of cannabis in minute quantities too, due to the entourage effect. This effect is explained by the ways in which cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds can boost or inhibit each other’s workings. Further on in this blog, you’ll find two strains from our seeds range with considerable terpinolene potential.



Terpinolene carries a distinctive scent of flowers and herbs, with a whiff of citrus hinting of lime. Generally speaking, people experience this bouquet as a pleasing aroma.

terpinolene scent cannabis flowers

The pleasant flowery scent of terpinolene.

The Effect Of Caryophyllene On Your Cannabis High

Caryophyllene can counter the sense of paranoia that some people experience after (over)consumption of weed. That makes quite a lot of sense, actually, since you’ll also find caryophyllene in black pepper, which has been a household cure for too much cannabis for years. This property can be highly useful for infrequent cannabis users. Another option is to keep a high-caryophyllene strain handy just in case you take a bit too much of some other type of weed.

The Effect Of Terpinolene On Your Cannabis High

Terpinolene has several unique properties that enable it to change the effects of cannabinoids like THC. It appears that terpinolene can add extra cheerful effects to the high of a cannabis strain, making the experience feel even more cheerful. In addition, terpinolene can increase the stress relief potential of a high. These properties make it worthwhile to look for marijuana strains with high terpinolene content in their colas.

Mental Effects

Research into the effects of terpinolene on our mental wellbeing is still in its infancy. Animal studies seem to indicate that terpinolene has soothing properties. It could help calm down the nervous system and improve quality of sleep. On top of that, it may prove instrumental in reducing stress, restlessness, and anxiety.

Terpinolene also has a soothing effect when present in cannabis; particularly so when combined with THC and CBD. Here too, research is only just getting started. Still, it seems as though strains with high terpinolene content have greater relaxing influence than most strains lacking this terpene.

Physical Effects Of Terpinolene In Cannabis

So far, only a handful of studies have been conducted into the influence of terpinolene on our health. This precludes premature conclusions, but we can provide a brief overview of the results.

Healthy Heart

Preliminary studies appear to point at terpinolene’s potential to reduce risk of cardiac disease. This terpene may help prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing in blood vessels.

terpinolene cannabis effect

Terpinolene can help keep your heart healthy.

Terpinolene Against Cancer

Terpinolene also shows anti-carcinogenic potential, as some studies demonstrate. It can help reduce protein expression in certain cells for certain types of cancer, and appears to inhibit cell proliferation.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Similarly to several other terpenes, terpinolene probably has anti-inflammatory properties. In 2016, study findings published in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research zoomed in on the combined effects of terpinolene and the established anti-inflammatory diclofenac.

terpinolene cannabis grow

Rodent subjects suffering from hind leg inflammation and pain were administered low doses of both compounds. Combined dosages yielded positive effects, reducing both pain and inflammation. These are interesting results, because using this combination reduced the required dosage of diclofenac. That’s a real bonus considering the nasty side-effects associated with diclofenac, including gastric issues.

The Potential Of Cannabis With Terpinolene

Clearly, further research is needed to clarify the full effects of terpinolene. Other terpenes have been investigated more closely, such as caryophyllene, which can have soothing and anti-inflammatory effects and potential for treatment of epilepsy. Terpinolene may hold substantial health benefits as well, though; especially when combined with the cannabinoids and flavonoids found in cannabis. Let’s have a look at some strains containing high levels of terpinolene.

Top Terpinolene Strain 1: Blue Magic

Blue Magic owes its name at least in part to what connoisseurs label an enchanting flavour. Spicy, zesty, and pungent, this strain owes its genetics to OG Kush and White Choco parentage, among others. Obviously, a family history like that leads to strong and widely appreciated scent and taste. In term of effects, relaxation and cheerfulness are the main components.

blue magic terpinolene

From a medical point of view, this high terpinolene strain excels at reducing stress and sombre moods. Terpenes including terpinolene play important roles in this potential. Make no mistake when it comes to Blue Magic’s potency, however; underneath that fragrant bouquet, you’ll find THC levels around 21%.

Top Terpinolene Strain 2: Strawberry Glue

The distinctly sweet flower aroma of terpinolene is clearly present in the strawberry scent of Strawberry Glue buds. The genetics of ancestor Strawberry Banana is promising by itself, but by adding a tantalizing twist of Gorilla Glue to the mix, cannabis buffs are in for a truly special treat. The terpinolene present in the strain expresses itself in the citrusy touch added to the sweet base tones. Growers who prefer to order cannabis seeds with extraordinary terpene profiles will soon notice what this strain’s terpene melange can do for depression, stress, and (chronic) pain.

strawberry glue terpinolene

Growing Cannabis With Terpinolene Terpenes

Armed with knowledge and a duo of top terpinolene strains, any grower can order excellent cannabis seeds loaded with this terpene. Our grow blogs provide lots of useful tips for successful growing. If you want to learn more about other terpenes found in cannabis, check our AG strain blogs to discover much more about these fascinating compounds!



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