Strawberry Glue Grow Difficulty: Medium

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From: 25.00

Parents: Gorilla Glue x Strawberry Banana
Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Taste: Spicy / Sweet / Strawberry
Effect: Strong “Bodybuzz”
Flowering time: 8 – 9 Weeks

  • + / –19%THC
  • + / –1.2%CBD
  • + / –0.3%CBN
  • + / –0.7%THCV
  • + / –1.2%CBG
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Strain information

Strawberry Glue – Amsterdam Genetics
Discover our potent and resinous hybrid: Strawberry Glue. An indica dominant strain that produces extremely compact, light green buds due to it’s popular and well-selected parent strains. The complex taste of this strain is best described as gassy and spicy with a hint of strawberry. Furthermore, this strain is experienced as potent and unique by many experts. Hence we only suggest it to the more experienced cannabis consumer.

The plants have an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks. And will finally produce an amazing yield of dense, high quality flower under the ideal conditions.



Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief
Depression Relief
Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Headaches Relief



1 review for Strawberry Glue

  1. Hexagrow

    First strain I’ve tryed in your range and man it is a banger!

    Good structure, strong and stable genetic, good yield of potent, full of trichomes buds and what a smell and taste..! Full glue terps (for real!), 8-9 weeks ready (even if you can give her a bit more time to get a late flower explosion, I went for 11 weeks), I would definitely love to have regular beans and keep a proper mother!

    Grow your own, you won’t be disappointed!

    • Professor Harvest

      Hi Hexagrow! Thank you so much for your feedback 😀 We really appreciate it!

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