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The Best Cannabis Seeds To Grow CBD Strains

Have you tried our Amsterdam Genetics CBD strains yet? The cannabis plant provides us with amazing compounds, but there’s more to it than just THC. Not everyone smokes weed to get high. Amsterdam Genetics has some excellent genetics available, for anyone who wants to enjoy a high CBD content without the effects of THC. Our two best CBD strains, Compromise CBD v2 and Blue Monkey CBD, both contain much more CBD than THC. They’re perfect for medicinal use, but also for anyone preferring the more relaxed vibe of CBD, without the heavy stoner buzz of THC.
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Compromise CBD v2

Are you looking for a weed plant to cultivate, that contains less THC than CBD, Compromise CBD v2 is the right choice. This strain only contains 0,6% THC, compared to 8,3% CBD. This makes Compromise a suitable choice for anyone that prefers the analgesic and calming effects of CBD, and also if you’d rather not get high. Compromise can help when you suffer from depression, headaches or stress as well.

As for flavour, Compromise is a delicious mix to dream away with. You taste an earthy, aromatic flavour, combined with a dash of pine and sweet fruits. Because Compromise is low on THC, you won’t get this heavy dazed feeling, but you’ll certainly be better able to relax.

Compromise CBD weed strain
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The buds of Compromise CBD v2 are of regular size. One of the advantages of this strain is that the seeds are feminized, which almost certainly provides you with female plants. Which in turn provide you with flower buds, rich in the active compounds CBD and (to a lesser extent) THC. Are you interested in getting to work with Compromise? We’d love to hear your experiences, because this new strain is still in development.

Blue Monkey CBD

Anybody without a great deal of cultivating experience, but interested in a CBD-rich strain, should look into Blue Monkey CBD. The ancestors of this cannabis strain are resilient and easy to cultivate. This makes it highly resistant to mold and it doesn’t need a lot of water or extra care.

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This plant can grow outside and gives a high yield. The CBD content is high, on average 11%. Under ideal conditions this can even get as high as 13,5%. The THC content is only 0,3%. So this is an ideal plant for anyone who wants to savour the benefits of CBD. Do you prefer indoor cultivation? This is also possible with Blue Monkey CBD. On average, the flowering time when you grow your plants indoors is 9 weeks.

When you smoke a Blue Monkey CBD joint, you’ll probably notice the fruity, sweet aroma. The soft citrusy scents carry you along on a wave of relaxation, with uplifting and euphoric effects. However, you get all of this without the familiar THC high. Blue Monkey CBD is very useful in combating depression and stress. The effects are very relaxing and this weed makes you feel happy and cheerful.

Homegrown CBD Strains vs Buying CBD Products

Are you wondering why you would cultivate one of these CBD strains yourself instead of buying it in a shop? Of course, it depends on what you want. Cultivating weed can be a fun hobby (especially right now, when you’re looking for something enjoyable to do), but it can also be financially interesting. If you have a couple of cannabis plants, you can get quite a significant yield. You’d get a considerable stock of CBD-rich cannabis. Your investment in seeds usually is smaller than what you would spend in a shop.

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However, you do need some expertise to cultivate these CBD strains. Our blog can covers lots of growing aspects to get you started. More importantly, you’ll need to invest some time and love into your plants. One other thing to realize, is that you won’t be able to light your joint right away. First the plants need to grow and flower. This takes approximately two months. So you need not only cultivate the plants, but also your patience!

Is it your goal in the end to use CBD oil? The process of making CBD oil is a lot more complicated. This requires more knowledge and technology. If you want CBD oil, it’s far easier to just buy this in our (web)shop. Be sure to choose a reliable brand, to ensure the quality of the product is consistent, which makes it possible to dose more accurately. Still, one doesn’t exclude the other: our CBD-rich cannabis seeds provide everyone with pleasure, easy cultivation and good yields.
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