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The Dangers Of Synthetic Cannabis

The dangers of synthetic cannabis are often underestimated. This is (amateur) lab-produced weed, which can give a false impression of security for some. However, synthetic cannabis proves to be anything but safe: it is a gave public health hazard that has already proved fatal in many countries. This blog explains why growers and consumers ought to choose natural cannabis instead!

What Is Synthetic Cannabis?

Synthetic cannabis, also known as ‘spice’, not a common drug in the Netherlands. Even so, it is increasingly encountered all over the world. Synthetic cannabis can create a false sense of security because it is made in laboratories; even if these labs are usually little more than a ramshackle shed out in the Chinese countryside. This is in fact what makes it so devious: synthetic cannabis is a very dangerous drug that has very little in common with natural weed, apart from the name.

Synthetic marijuana is produced by mixing dried herbs with chemicals that are supposed to produce the same effects as THC and other natural cannabis plant compounds. Similarly to their organic counterparts, such synthetic cannabinoids affect the receptors of our endocannabinoid system. The main problem is, however, that these effects are often far more intense than those produced by natural cannabis compounds.

At a casual glance, synthetic cannabis may appear quite similar to the natural weed people buy at dispensaries and coffeeshops. It usually even smells sweet and fruity to match the real deal. Make no mistake, however: the effects of this synthetic cannabis are very different.

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The Risks Of Synthetic Cannabis

It should come as no surprise that synthetic cannabis is dangerous. It was originally developed for medical purposes, but the lab-manufactured fake weed available on the streets or through shady websites is not produced in safe and controlled circumstances. That makes the effects of such cannabis unpredictable, and often highly dangerous.

Fake weed usually contains synthetic cannabinoids as well as other hazardous chemicals, including methamphetamine, piperazine, or mephedrone. Another factor that makes it so dangerous is the wildly varying quantities of synthetic cannabinoids encountered in each batch. These differ between brands as well as between individual packs.

Moreover, some cannabinoids are far more potent than others. The imitation cannabinoid CP47, for instance, is between 3 and 18 times as potent as THC from regular cannabis. Its fellow fake cannabinoid HU210, however, is well over 100 times stronger! Obviously, this makes it impossible to determine anything that even remotely approaches a safe dose.

People have been poisoned by synthetic cannabis all over the world. In 2014, over 600 Russian citizens were hospitalized after using these drugs, including fifteen people confirmed dead as a consequence. Similar figures are reported in the US, with particular reference to a variant called Zombie Burst.

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Genuine Weed And Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabinoids also have effects on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Theoretically, they could produce similar effects to those of natural weed, including relaxed, cheerful moods. However, the effects are usually much more intense and decidedly less predictable, making for extremely unpleasant side-effects.

Some of the less severe effects include:

  • Dizziness;
  • Confusion;
  • Anxiet7;
  • Vomiting;
  • Tingling sensations in arms or legs.

However, the more serious and even life-threatening side-effects include the following:

  • Racing pulse;
  • Extremely high blood pressure;
  • Restlessness, agitation;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Suicidal thoughts;
  • Paranoia;
  • Mood swings;
  • Memory problems;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Kidney and liver problems;
  • Acute psychosis.

Synthetic cannabis is available under a wide range of brand names, all of which are dangerous. Some of the best-known names are CHILI, Diablo, K2, Chaos, Natures Organic, and Spicy XXX. The compounds found in these fake weed brands are not strictly illegal or listed substances; at least not in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, it is clear to see why synthetic cannabis is incredibly dangerous.

Enjoying Natural Cannabis

Perhaps you think that with all the marvels we can produce in laboratories these days, we should be able to synthesize cannabis as well. However, it turns out that the uniquely psychoactive and relaxing potential of the cannabis plant we have learned to appreciate are impossible to reproduce in a lab. Apparently, a touch of natural magic remains a necessary ingredient, which is probably for the best.

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Obviously, any grower looking to enjoy cannabis safely is much better off with natural weed than with any lab-created crap. Our web store offers only fully natural cannabis seeds of the very finest quality available. On top of that, our Grow Blogs contain all the info needed to grow as purely and organically as possible. Our genetics allow anyone to grow safely and naturally, trusting on the plant-based origins that started it all. Our expertise and cultivation experience is all we add to the bounty of nature, to ensure first-class harvests that no laboratory can reproduce!