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Organic Nutrients For Cannabis Growers

Generally speaking, cannabis plants have a natural tendency to thrive as long as they get enough light and water. Still, growers can lend a natural hand by providing organic nutrients. These will promote their development, helps protect against pests and disease, and encourage more big flowering buds. The better cannabis seeds grow, the more joy they provide in the end! Best of all, though, is the fact that all this natural growth and flower power can be unleashed without chemical assistance, using only organic means. This blog explains how any grower can use organic products to create their own additional nutrients, for all-natural marijuana harvests without a single unnecessary addition.

Organic Nutrients For Cannabis Plants

Let’s be frank here: growing cannabis isn’t hard. A bit of fresh air, some light, and a regular splash of water go a long way towards everything a marijuana plant needs. It helps to pay extra attention to the type of soil a plant grows on, and to check the pH value. Growers who want to treat cannabis plants right and make sure they get all they need should consider feeding them the right mix of nutrients. Then there’s the option of keeping it nice and eco-friendly, however, and actually, growing organic weed isn’t difficult at all. Growers who want to keep things perfectly natural can make it from germination to harvest using only nutrients of certified organic origin.

This type of nutrition gives a plant added minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. These can help boost a plant’s resistance to pests and fungi, as well as increasing resilience for repotting, training interventions, and transplanting, but it also helps them grow bigger and stronger. We want to stress, though, that growing organic cannabis is by no means mandatory: any grower if free to make things as easy or as complicated as they want.

organic cannabis nutrients
Amsterdam Genetics seeds: full of organic goodness by default!

Bio For Outdoor, Or For Indoor As Well?

Most growers think that organic cannabis nutrients only work for outdoor marijuana grows. This is not true, even though it’s usually easier to manage outdoors. Still growers working in tents or other interior spaces can try to work as organically as possible, too. Sure, artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation are hardly natural, but even partially organic nutrients will make any grow more bio to some extent.

Watering Cannabis With Organic Nutrients

Below, you’ll find some elegant, simple ways to add your own organic cannabis nutrients to your water supply. Growers without the for doing so, or who like to keep things simple, can fast forward to the section on our Biotabs nutes below.

Aloe Vera

Small doses of aloe vera can be added to any water supply a weed plant receives, including water containing the extra nutes mentioned below. Aloe vera has long been recognised for its beneficial properties for humans, other animals, and plants alike. This useful plant contains a wealth of micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

aloe vera organic cannabis nutrients
Aloe vera is healthy for more than just us humans.

For marijuana grows, aloe vera is particularly useful during germination and for root system development. It can also help reduce the shock of transplanting while stimulating the immune system. That will bolster a plant’s defences against disease, drought, and stress.

Use freeze-dried aloe vera powder to mix 1/8 tablespoon and 3.5 litres of water. This mix is suitable for regular watering or as a leaf spray.


Silica can help plants grow stronger, and there are other benefits to using organic silica for cannabis nutrients:

  • Helps build stronger cell membranes, allowing weed plants to grow taller;
  • Plants grow more resilient to external influences such as heat, cold, and drought;
  • Increased resistance to germs and fungal infections;
  • Silica helps plant form a protective layer on leaves against insects and mites;
  • Promotes metabolism, ramping up chlorophyll production for lush, healthy leaves.

Add ½ tablespoon of organic silica to 3.5 litres of water (follow product instructions).


Mulch helps keep the top soil layer healthy. It forms a thick layer (about 5cm) that helps retain moisture in the soil. As an added bonus, the mulch layer slowly decays, providing extra organic nutrients to a cannabis grow. Anyone can make their own brand of mulch using common ingredients like dandelion leaves, yarrow, or comfrey, although weed leaf trimmings or finely chopped pruning leftovers will do fine as well. Mulch is available in regular gardening centres too, although it’s wise to keep an eye on pH levels acceptable to cannabis plants.

organic cannabis mulch soil
Good organic mulch.

Using Meal For Organic Cannabis Nutrients

Certain kinds of meal can provide additional organic nutrients for (cannabis) plants, too. Kelp meal and alfalfa meal are good examples. Ground kelp contains over 70 different vitamins and minerals that promote plant health and increases resistance to stress and disease. Alfalfa contains high concentrations nitrogen and has great nutritional value (containing phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and more). It also provides triacontanol, a natural growth hormone that promotes root development.

This meal is only used sporadically; once a month is enough. The meal is most readily absorbed if it is just strewn over the mulch layer or soil. After that, watering will do the rest, because that will gradually dissolve the nutrients into the substrate. Young plants need less meal than mature specimens.

Spraying Organic Nutrients On Cannabis Leaves

Another way of giving extra nutes to marijuana plants is by spraying them onto the leaves. This enables quick absorption as well as giving added protection against disease and pests.

grow bio weed

Kelp Spray

This spray is made by making tea out of kelp leaves. Place two teaspoons of kelp meal in a tea ball (or use special filters instead). Place this in 3.5 litres of water and leave it to soak for 24 hours before filling a regular plant sprayer with the resulting mix.

Aloe Vera And Silica Sprays

Spraying aloe vera onto cannabis plant leaves adds additional organic nutrients. Adding silica grants further protection against pests. The above approach for silica to watering cans also works for sprays.

This plant-based suspension must be applied evenly on all leaves until they drip with moisture. Outside, these organic cannabis nutrients should be sprayed either early in the morning or after sunset. Always remember to only spray the leaves; skip the flower buds! These should never get too damp, because that leads to fungal issues like bud rot. It’s best to only use these sprays during the growth stage, before the plants start flowering.

Keep an eye on your personal health and safety, too: even sprays made of organic, natural ingredients aren’t necessarily safe to breathe in.

Ordering Ready Made Organic Cannabis Nutrients Online

As wonderful as homemade organic nutrients are, they do take time to make, store, and use in the right way. Fortunately, natural cannabis growers with busy schedules can rely on some great alternative ready-made organic nutrients. Our best tip is the Biotabs product range, which allow even beginner growers to get great results with minimal effort.

bio tabs organic fertilizer

The Amsterdam Genetics Web Store makes it very easy for any grower to add some BioTabs products when they order cannabis seeds. Our grow accessories range includes the following BioTabs products for fully balanced organic cannabis nutrients:

Biotabs Organic Fertilizer Tablets

These handy tablets provide any indoor and outdoor grower with a one-stop solution. Biotabs gradually release a wide range of organic cannabis nutrients into the soil, resulting in a slow-release process that can last up to eight weeks.

BoomBoom Spray

The BoomBoom Spray rescue booster was specifically developed as a rapid-effect organic leaf spray. Spray the solution onto the leaves for more growth, better nute absorption, and a natural buffer against stress. Also available in convenient BoomBoom Spray sachets with soluble powder.

Bio PK

Bio PK contains a full mixture of organic nutrients to give any cannabis grow the right N/P/K mix from square one. This will encourage root development, growth, and flowering to full natural effect while buds get more fragrant, right down to the last week of the flowering stage!

Fertilizer Starter Pack

The BioTabs Fertilizer Starter Pack contains everything a grower needs when it comes to organic cannabis nutrients and more. Micotrex, Bactrex, and Orgatrex will have any weed grow sorted from germination to final flowering; especially by adding the extra BioTabs that complete this great package deal. Highly recommended!

organic cannabis nutrition
The glory of bio…

Organic Cannabis Nutrients: Naturally Easy

As you can see, anyone who likes to keep things natural has plenty of options to try when it comes to growing marijuana. Our grow blogs contain enough useful tips and tricks to start out with organic cannabis nutrients, but there’s so much more to explore! The whole internet is bursting with fascinating techniques and golden tips for bio growers. Always remember that organic nutrients for tomatoes or roses often work equally well for cannabis. That means it really pays off to check a few gardening and vegetable plot websites – or just pick up a good old-fashioned book…

In the meantime, however, be sure to keep following the Amsterdam Genetics blogs and subscribe to our newsletter – you’ll get a 20% discount on your next seeds purchase as a bonus. It’s the easiest way to stay up to date on all the best genetics from our cannabis capital, as well as the best info that allows any grower to make the most out of all that glorious organic potential!