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The Finest Quality Rolling Papers on the Market – AG x Mascotte Partnership


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There’s one book that all weed connoisseurs abide by—and that’s a book of rolling papers! It’s an essential tool in the repertoire of cannabis consumers and picking the right brand of rolling papers is key.

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of rolling papers they use. So, when you see someone pull out a pack of Mascotte x Amsterdam Genetics papers, you know they subscribe to one idea: quality. 


About Mascotte Rolling Papers

Mascotte has endured the test of time. The company has been around for more than 160 years and continues delivering innovative rolling papers and accessories to revolutionize the way we consume cannabis. One of the secrets to sustaining their business operations for more than a century is a focus on quality. They strive to craft the perfect rolling papers. It’s not only a mission but a commitment they make to the loyal customers who use them every day to enhance their rolling and smoking experience.

Our Partnership with Mascotte

Amsterdam partners with Mascotte to create the best rolling papers on the market. We are two Dutch brands that continue pushing the bar even higher to deliver on our promise of exceptional quality. It’s the perfect match—their expertise in rolling papers and our expertise in cannabis cultivation. It’s an organic partnership long in the making that has led to rolling papers like you’ve never experienced before.


Crafting the Perfect Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the preferred methods for pure cannabis consumption. Rolling only cannabis will give you one of the cleanest flavours without added traces of tobacco like you’d get from blunt wraps. Some people prefer rolling spliffs with loose tobacco. However, it will take away some of the pure flavour from your cannabis. You’ll experience tons of flavour thanks to the terpenes in each strain. Rolling papers are an excellent way to consume like a connoisseur and experience the full sensational profile from your home grow.

Mascotte rolling papers are one of a kind. Their papers are known for:

  • Details improving the user experience
  • Slow burning
  • Booklet design

Their years of experience and testing have led to innovative ideas that achieve the goals that consumers want most.

  1. Details

Attention to detail is key when it comes to rolling papers. There’s an actual science behind crafting the perfect papers that roll, stick, and burn better than other brands on the market. Incorporating these details into our collaborative rolling papers improves the overall user experience.

  1. Slow-burning

Cannabis is meant to be enjoyed. So inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and let the rich sensations of the plant soothe your mind and body. Slow-burning papers help you appreciate your cannabis even more since you won’t be in a rush to try to get as many hits in before the it burns out. That’s one of the pleasures of Mascotte rolling papers. Hopefully, you’re not in a rush because we designed papers to burn slowly and avoid runs.

  1. Booklet design

Mascotte created a signature booklet design to make them easy to store. The unique magnetic closure helps protect your rolling papers when slipping these thin booklets in your pocket or prevents them from getting damaged if left out on your rolling tray.

These signature elements are incorporated into the papers developed in partnership with Amsterdam Genetics.


Types of Papers

Together with Mascotte, we collaborated on a series of rolling papers to fit the needs of every consumer. We know our customers, and Mascotte knows rolling papers. Combined, we’re two experts at our crafts, delivering quality goods that will last your entire harvest season. 

AG x Mascotte Original Papers

Our popular Original papers are instantly recognizable by the gold and green Xs on the booklet. The elegant packaging is a must for holding such quality papers inside. The original papers are made with chlorine-free bleach for a pure white look. They’re finished with a branded Amsterdam Genetics and Mascotte watermark as our official stamp of approval.

AG x Mascotte Brown Papers

Our signature Brown rolling papers are for weed connoisseurs who prefer a more natural paper. We left these papers unbleached to avoid adding chlorine or chemicals in the process.

You can find both versions of papers in King-size or slim-size formats. We offer box sets that contain 50 booklets of 34 papers. We recommend king-size for extra volume or if you want to roll inside-out. The slim size is more compact for fast, easy rolling. 

Pair your rolling papers with the Mascotte Active carbon filters to improve air circulation and avoid any plant material getting in your mouth. 

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