the weezy cannabis

The Weezy: Taste Dutch Cannabis Design

In a cannabis culture characterised by constant innovation, Amsterdam genetics prefers to stay in the lead. It’s not just the quality of cannabis that keeps evolving: the way people enjoy that quality is changing, too. That’s why we love novel concepts like the Weezy: a very complete Dutch Design cannabis smoking system with style. No tobacco, maximum filtration, and smart aluminium refill pods make the Weezy a pure cannabis experience for connoisseurs with taste!

Classy Connoisseur Culture

Cannabis culture is changing fast; in Amsterdam as well as in the wider world of weed. New strains keep adding flavour to the scene, while growers use the latest tech to lift their crops to the next level. However. Smoking experience also keeps expanding as consumer awareness grows. Traditional smoking or gourmet edibles? The choice is yours…

So what do you think? Is vaping the path to the future, or are we entering an age of extracts full of delicious terpenes and powerful cannabinoids? Is there any room left for tobacco, or do we proceed to enjoying our cannabis au naturel? One thing’s for sure: here at Amsterdam Genetics, we stay on top of all the latest developments – if we’re not busy creating them, that is. You can see it in our latest genetics as well as in smart gear like the Weezy: design for classy cannabis connoisseurs!

the weezy cannabis

The Weezy: Dutch Cannabis Design

The Weezy resolutely leaves behind centuries of marijuana pipe and bong smoking tradition. This is next-level cannabis design: the Weezy system is built for maximum taste, joy, and convenience. Smart design in high-grade aluminium and intuitive tight lines let you focus your full attention on the full, pure experience of all your favourite strains.

The unique Jack Pod refill capsules let you dose right down to the milligram, time and time again. A powerful active carbon filter system by Mascotte keeps your experience as clean as possible. The Weezy is easy to carry with you discreetly wherever you go to enjoy cannabis in style. Rolling papers, tobacco, and ripped-up baggies are things of the past: just fill your Weezy with a fresh Jack Pod capsule and you’re good to go!

No Tobacco, Just Pure Convenience

The Weezy makes it easy to travel prepared. A stash of Jack Pod refill capsule is all a gourmet needs to dose their favourite strains in advance. Lightweight metal design protects flower quality for pure flavour and pure ease of use. Say goodbye to tobacco, and enjoy unmatched purity with advanced active carbon filtering. That makes the Weezy a conscious choice for upping your cannabis game – in characteristic connoisseur fashion, of course!

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The Weezy As The Nespresso Of Cannabis Culture?

Everybody knows Nespresso technology: ready-filled coffee cups, fast and reliable ease of use, and always the exact aroma you want. Actually, that’s just how the Weezy system works, only this one is designed for cannabis rather than coffee. Just insert your pod, screw on the top, and hey presto: you’re all set for first-class enjoyment. Make way for the rich flavours of those terpenes and the full force of the cannabinoid profile that befits a gourmet class marijuana strain! To anyone peering intently into a fresh cup of coffee while wondering “What Else?”, we have a suggestion that is every bit as stylish as mister George Clooney himself…

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The Weezy Keeps Cannabis Culture Smart And Affordable

The Weezy is built to last, which makes it a durable, sustainable cannabis choice. That’s no reason to make it an expensive choice, however! Dutch design is supposed to be smart, smooth, and affordable – and the Weezy ticks each of these boxes. That makes the concept twice as clever, since connoisseurs have more budget left to spend on filling those Jack Pods with pure prime quality flower!

the Weezy refill pods cannabis
Smart refill pods.

Fast And Easy Online Orders

Of course, our web store offers the entire system complete with all options. Any grower and gourmet can order all they need for the full Weezy experience with the ease of online orders. We have all the individual components ready for you here, but you’ll be saving extra by ordering the full Weezy set straight away. Is that grow almost ready to harvest? Then order your Weezy complete with filters and Jack Pod refill capsules – your next level cannabis experience awaits!