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Tips For Growing Weed Outdoors: Make It Easier For Yourself

When you are just getting started with growing cannabis outside, it really helps if you keep things simple. Many of the best strains to grow outdoors consist of low-maintenance, easy-going genetics. Just order quality seeds, pick a good garden spot, and enjoy watching how nature takes its course. Read on for some tips for growing weed outdoor, and find the easiest way to get to your first outdoor weed harvest!

Easy Going, Easy Growing

Here’s a green fact for you: growing weed outdoors is easy – but you can make it as complex as you like by applying advanced grow techniques. If you’re new to the cannabis hobby, we recommend keeping things simple. This is actually one of the best tips for growing weed outdoors, especially if you have only limited prior experience. 

Remember that cannabis is called ‘weed’ for a reason: your plants can and will thrive in just about any environment with minimal care and support. Basically, good seeds only need light, water, and good, healthy soil to thrive. 

We have been helping outdoor cannabis gardeners get the hang of the hobby for decades, and we’ve seen plenty of people mess up their plants because they forgot to take – and make – it easy on their first few grows. 

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Start Out Small

Here’s some sound advice to get you started. One of the best beginner tips for growing weed outdoors is to keep it small. Even if you have a huge back yard, it’s best to start by growing just a few plants: three to five will help you keep your project manageable. You could try growing just one plant, but if you mess it up, you’ll be left with no backup plan(t)s.

The Best Strains To Grow Outdoors

Don’t be tempted by fancy strain names or spectacular harvest yield prospects when picking your first outdoor cannabis seeds. Some of the best strains to grow outdoors are fast-growing, hardy, low-maintenance autoflower cannabis seeds. 

exotic purple autoflower
Our newest Autoflower Strain: a great option for outdoors!

Especially when growing weed in cooler Northern European climes, we recommend starting with autoflower seeds. These special strains start flowering earlier than non-autoflower photoperiod strains that depend on seasonal changes to flower. The speed of autoflowers allows you to harvest before the risky weather conditions of late August, September, and October set in.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a sunnier southern region, your options for growing weed outdoors are less restricted. Still, if you’re looking for useful beginner tips for growing weed outdoors, stick to easy strains: indica-heavy hybrid seeds are generally faster and easier to manage than sativa dominant strains.      

Watering Outdoor Cannabis

Watering your weed correctly is arguably the most important of all tips for growing weed outdoors. The main mistake to avoid here is giving too much water. If that happens, especially in pots but even in open soil, you risk choking off the roots and hurting growth potential.

So how much water does a cannabis plant need, and how often? Many beginners are surprised to learn that weed doesn’t necessarily need water every day. Just check if your plants need water every day , and you’ll be fine.

Outdoors, precipitation, evaporation, and soil type affect how much water your plants need to stay healthy. As a rule of thumb (literally), you can stick your finger into the soil to check soil humidity. Always wait for the first few centimetres of soil to dry out before watering your plants. If it’s dry, soak the soil around the stem in water and let it sink in. 

Be careful to water your plants early in the morning or after sunset to avoid the harsh summer sun from ‘burning’ the wet leaves. Check our full blog on watering cannabis to learn more about this crucial topic.

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How Much Sunlight Do Weed Plants Need?

The second vital ingredient for outdoor weed growing is sunlight to fuel photosynthesis needed f犀利士
or growth. Don’t worry too much about how much light your plants receive: a few hours of direct sunlight a day is enough for most strains.

We have a dedicated blog to help you pick the best outdoor spots for your plants. For now, remember that planting weed in pots allows you to move your crops around if they need more sunshine or shelter from rain and storms. Remember to drill a few holes in the bottom of your pot pots for proper drainage.

The Best Nutrients For Your Outdoor Grow

If you think you have to add nutrients to help your cannabis plants grow, think again. If you have rich soil and possibly some good compost, you should be fine. If you do want to add nutes, go easy on your plants: adding too much can cause ‘nute burn’ that interferes with natural growth. If you want to know more about the best nutrients for all the stages of your outdoor grow, check our dedicated nutrition blog.

Our 100% organic Biotabs are a convenient way to gradually release additional nutrients into the soil without going too far.   

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Training Outdoor Weed Plants

As with all other tips for growing weed outdoors, we suggest keeping it simple when it comes to training techniques. All training comes with risks, and autoflower strains can be hard to train because they grow and flower too fast to recover from the stress you cause. Low Stress Training can be useful, but be careful not to snap the branches. Beyond that, steer clear of any advanced techniques until you complete your first few successful grows.

Ask For Advice

We have more great tips for growing weed outdoors in our expanding blog section. If you need quick advice, however, don’t hesitate to ask experienced growers for advice. Our customer service is always happy to help; but beyond that, there’s a large and friendly online grower community full of experts willing to help you finish your first outdoor cannabis grow. 

Exotic purple autoflower cannabis seeds

Exotic Purple Autoflower