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Learn Where To Grow Weed Outdoors

Are you wondering where to plant your outdoor cannabis plants? Growing your plants outside has many advantages, but location is everything. It is important to put your weed plants in the best spot your garden, balcony, or other location provides. That way, you’ll have the best chances of a bountiful harvest. Do you think that cultivating outside is way too difficult for you? Relax – it’s not that hard. Just read our tips and before you know it, you’ll be planting your own cannabis seeds yourself.

The Advantages Of Growing Weed Outside

Of course, you can buy your weed in a shop. But cultivating cannabis from seed is profitable. You only have to buy the seeds and because only a couple of plants can yield a lot, it’s not hard to meet your own needs with those few plants. Cultivating outside is better than inside, because it’s more environment friendly (you don’t need electricity), you get better quality buds with more taste and aroma. And cannabis plants that grow outside, usually get taller.

Add to that, it’s also a lot of fun to do. Caring for your own plants can be calming and grounds you (literally, with your hands in the earth). It brings you back to the basics, to your own center. Cultivating weed, in fact, is very zen.

But how do you start? Firstly, you have to think about where you’ll go sow your cannabis seeds.

Growing cannabis outdoors
How do you know where to grow?

1. Where To Grow Weed In Your Local Climate?

If you want to grow weed outside, you have to take the climate into account. Most important are the number of hours of sunlight per day and the maximum and minimum temperatures. Cannabis is a strong plant and can handle many challenges. Yet, temperature extremes are not beneficial for your harvest. Sunshine is good, but too much sun is not.

The cannabis plant loves warm weather, but long lasting temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius can hinder growth. Neither do they favor cold weather, temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius can spoil your harvest. That’s why you should make sure there’s no more chance of night frost, before you start sowing (in the Netherlands, usually after may 25th). Another option is sowing inside, letting the plants germinate, until it’s warm enough to put them outside.

Outdoor cannabis spots
Working your way to harvest day…

2. The Best Spot For Cannabis Plants

Weed plants love sunbathing. Before you sow, check for a spot where the plants get approximately 5 hours of sunlight every day. But watch out for heat and the above mentioned 30 degrees Celsius or higher. We have had some hot summers, also in the Netherlands, it’s wise to take the temperatures into account.

Make sure your plants get some sunshine in the morning, and during the hottest time of the day they’re in the shadow. This can be because they’re in the shade of a tree or you can create your own patch of shadow with a net.

The plants also love a breeze. However, the more wind there is, the faster they dry out. Too much wind can be harmful. Finding a sunny spot near a hedge or some tree cover can be useful. If they’re not sheltered, you may consider placing a wind screen.


3. Where To Grow Weed In The Garden, In A Pot Or On The Balcony

When you have enough space in your garden, it might seem logical to sow your seeds there. However, growing weed outside in a pot has some benefits. You can place your pot exactly there, where the circumstances are optimal. Furthermore, you can manage the size of your plants better. In a smaller pot, a smaller plants grows and that could be an advantage for some people.

If you grow your weed plants outside in soil, they get lots of nutrients and the plants can get very large (2 to 3 meters is possible). Of course, more nutrients contribute to getting better harvests. A balcony or roof terrace is also a good option. But be aware that your plants might be in plain sight for everyone to see. You can use foil or other materials to shield them.

Shielding weed planys
Try to balance sunlight and protection

4. Shielding Your Outdoor Weed Plants

Whether you sow in pots or in the garden, it’s might be wise to shield your plants. When they’re visible, you could find yourself in the situation of walking into an empty garden (or finding empty pots) right before the harvest. In that case, someone that craved a delicious joint, took your beautiful plants that you so lovingly cultivated. Therefore, a wind- or sun screen can have a double function. It also helps to shield your plants from curious eyes.

5. Growing Outdoor Weed For Fun: Go For Personal Growth

Growing weed outside is an interesting hobby. Not only you’ll get your own weed harvest, but it also helps you get back to yourself and to nature. That’s pretty valuable, if you see how much time we stay cooped up inside and occupy ourselves with technical stuff. An activity in the garden and working with plants are very useful in that sense. As long as you know where to grow weed outside, you’re gaining an interesting hobby on top of a great homegrown cannabis supply. Are your green fingers starting to itch yet? In our web shop you’ll find seeds that are easy to cultivate.