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A Taste Of CBD Candy

CBD, or cannabidiol, is fast becoming the go-to daily supplement for living in natural balance. That’s why Amsterdam Genetics have been selling the trusted premium CBD Oil produced by SupMedi for years. Still, we have to stay innovative, and that is why we now have CBD Candy Tablets to turn your daily hemp supplement into a moment of celebration. CBD Candy is quick and easy to use without water, no matter where you are or what you use your CBD support for.

A Sweet Candy Treat With All The Goodness Of CBD Supplements

No matter whether you use CBD Oil or other supplements to stay balanced or to treat specific symptoms or conditions, CBD Candy offers you the same potential – only sweeter. Every single piece of candy contains 5mg of premium CBD  isolate, which is just pure cannabidiol without any other cannabinoids or terpenes whatsoever. Moreover, CBD Candy is made using natural fruit powder to improve both its strawberry flavour and its natural purity.

CBD Candy can be used for many purposes, including:

  • To help you relax;
  • To help you sleep better;
  • To relieve (chronic) pain;
  • To recover from injuries and muscle aches;
  • To improve skin condition;
  • To control inflammation;
  • To counter depression and mood swings.

Science still discovers new applications for CBD all the time. The many promising properties of this cannabinoid are being studied in laboratories all over the world. Even though CBD cannot yet be labelled medicine officially, several drugs have already been developed based on this natural hemp compound. Today, more people than ever experience the difference that CBD supplements can make on a daily basis.

cbd candy tablets

First Class CBD Supplements By SupMedi

Amsterdam Genetics offers an exclusive range of first-class CBD supplements developed by SupMedi. This selection includes CBD Candy, produced from pure CBD isolate derived from carefully cultivated hemp crops. All SupMedi supplements are strictly tested for product quality and purity by independent laboratories. This ensures that you’ll get only the best, no matter which supplements you choose.

The Finest Ingredients For The Best Tasting CBD Treats

The special selection of CBD isolate is mixed with natural fruit powder to create these sweet strawberry sensations. An added dose of vitamin C completes the recipe. Of course, vitamin C is a fine addition to any supplement that improves our body’s natural balance, but it also promotes rapid absorption of active compounds into the bloodstream. That’s why CBD candies melt in your mouth without any need to add water, making it a great supplement to take with you wherever you go.

The summer-sweet strawberry flavour of CBD Candy turns your daily supplement into a true candy treat. If you’re not keen on the taste of CBD Oil, these tasty pieces of candy offer a delicious alternative. On top of this, they are is the perfect supplement for children aged four or above. One luxury storage tin contains 40 CBD treats with 5mg cannabidiol; easy to carry and fun to share around.

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CBD Candy To Soften Your Cannabis High

CBD has more to offer than just its health-related applications, however. Smart cannabis connoisseurs always keep a tin of CBD Candy handy, in case they need to control an intense cannabis high. CBD is capable of curbing the psychoactive impact of THC, which can be a useful source of relief if cannabis gets you too high.

CBD itself cannot get you high or stoned, however, since cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound. This allows anyone to enjoy the full potential of cannabidiol without any negative impact on their driving ability or work and school performance.

Order Your CBD Candy Online And Judge For Yourself

Of course, the best way to experience the lovely taste and natural effects of hemp-based candy is to try it for yourself. Order your tin of CBD Candy treats from our online store today – from now on, you’ll have a tasty dose of natural balance with you wherever you go!

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CBD Candy Tablets (200 mg)