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CBD In Cannabis Seeds And Supplements

At Amsterdam genetics, you can order the finest CBD products ranging from high-grade, pure CBD Oil to specially cultivated CBD cannabis seeds. Read all about the secrets and possibilities of cannabidiol in this blog, and explore the hugely popular cannabinoid that will not get you high.

CBD And The Active Components Of Cannabis

Cannabis is a special plant to growers and connoisseurs alike. This is mainly due to the active components found in marijuana plants and the effects these compounds produce. For most people, cannabis readily evokes the notion of getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. This supposedly ‘mind-altering’ or psychotropic effect is chiefly caused by the substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), despite the parts played by a range of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Whereas THC may still be the world’s most famous cannabinoid, another hemp plant component is rapidly becoming more popular. This rising star on the cannabis firmament is known as cannabidiol, or CBD.

The Effect Of CBD In Cannabis

CBD in cannabis is often claimed to be non-psychoactive, but strictly speaking, that is not entirely accurate. The compound does in fact influence the psyche, as it does the body; what CBD doesn’t do, however, is affect our perception or experience of time, as the ‘high’ effect of THC can. CBD could be labelled non-psychotropic instead of non-psychoactive. In fact, CBD can even limit the effects of the other cannabis compounds, or counter them entirely. No matter how we call it, though, many people are mainly interested in CBD for its potential health benefits. Since it was first discovered by chemist Roger Adams in 1940, scientists have been mapping an expanding range of possible medicinal applications for cannabidiol.

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Natural hemp oil extracts

CBD Is Not Medicine, But A Cannabis Based Supplement

Let’s start out by stating that officially, CBD can not be labelled a medicine. Although a few manufacturers do use synthetic variants of the compound for medicinal applications, CBD drawn from hemp (a low-THC type of cannabis plant) can only be labelled a dietary supplement. Consequently, you are unlikely to get a doctor’s prescription for CBD products. Instead, the best way to obtain CBD supplements is through reliable, renowned online distributors such as Amsterdam Genetics.

The Health Potential Of Cannabidiol

Incredible as it may sound, researchers keep discovering new CBD applications almost on a monthly basis. This is largely because CBD from cannabis is very similar to the endocannabinoids produced by our own body. This similarity allows cannabidiol to interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a crucial system that safeguards the body’s natural state of balance (homeostasis). Other plant-based phytocannabinoids, including THC, can interact with the ECS in their own ways; but they usually do so using other cell receptors than those used by CBD.

endocannabinoid system
CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS.

The endocannabinoids system partly consists of CB1 receptors, which are manly found throughout the central nervous system. These interact easily with THC, which explains the substance’s psychotropic effects on the cannabis high. CBD, by contrast, chiefly works with the ECS’s CB2 receptors connected to many of the body’s vital systems, including the nervous system for good measure. CB2 receptors are found in the skin, the digestive tract, the immune system, our hormonal glands, the muscles, and the cardiovascular system, for example. The widespread presence of the ECS allows CBD to affect a broad range of critical health aspects; at least in theory. Increasingly, people use CBD from cannabis or hemp plants for:

  • Anti-inflammatory potential;
  • Pain control;
  • Muscle recovery after intense exertion;
  • Anxiety and stress;
  • Low moods and depression;
  • Sleeping problems;
  • And more besides.

CBD: A Cannabis Supplement Without Side Effects?

In addition to the applications mentioned above, CBD is used for many chronic conditions for which no regular treatment is available (yet), including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Definitive clinical evidence for its effectiveness is not yet available; if even because current studies are notoriously time-consuming affairs. Nonetheless, many people try CBD partly because of the near complete lack of side-effects associated with this natural compound. This makes CBD an interesting alternative to existing medication with undesirable side-effects, including drugs prescribed for depression, anxiety disorders, or arthritis, for example. CBD is known to sometimes interact with certain medication, however; so we always advise consulting your doctor before trying CBD for yourself. Still, these side-effects are very limited in scope and scale, making CBD cannabis supplements an interesting natural alternative for increasing numbers of people.

cbd cannabis oil

CBD: More Potential Than One Blog Can Describe

There is so much to say about the effects and possibilities of CBD, that we will have to cover these in more detail in separate blogs. These include discussions of whether CBD is safe to use for children and even pets; how CBD can influence the effects of THC, and how CBD supplements could help us handle problems such as epilepsy, stress, and hormonal issues such as PMS and menopause. Keep a close eye on our CBD blogs for the latest information, studies, and discoveries.

CBD Will Not Make You High

CBD Oil is a natural hemp product that will not get you high or stoned. That means it is safe to use if you’re going to work or school; even if you’re taking the car to get there. In fact, the effects of cannabidiol can even counter a (too strong) THC high. That makes it all the more interesting to mix CBD cannabis with THC-rich strains to achieve the precise intended effect.

A Choice Of CBD Supplements

Our web shop offers a broad selection of high-grade CBD supplements to suit any use and taste. From Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBG Oil to CBD Gummies, Tablets, Coffee Beans, and Chocolate: there’s a product to match any preference and any lifestyle. The CBD experts at SupMedi keep ensuring the highest product standards and purity based on strict laboratory testing and quality controls. Their efforts guarantee that at Amsterdam Genetics, you get nothing but the very best in CBD supplements.

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Blue Monkey CBD

Growing CBD Cannabis Seeds

For anyone who prefers to grow their own prime CBD genetics, we have our specially cultivated CBD cannabis seeds ready and waiting. These CBD seeds give every grower the opportunity to grow pure and natural CBD strains with THC/CBD ratios of up to 1:35. Our Blue Monkey CBD genetics are highly suited for both indoor and outdoor growing; even in Northern European conditions with their high resistance to fungus and pleasantly short flowering times. At potential yields of up to 500g/m², a personal grow of CBD marijuana seeds is interesting for anyone – especially using our educational grow blogs full of grow tips and instructions.