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Amsterdam Genetics: Pioneering Quality in the CBD Boom

To keep up with the growing demand for CBD products, Amsterdam Genetics partners with SupMedi, a leader in 100% pure CBD products online. Through this partnership, we’re able to deliver high-quality products from a trusted company. From CBD oils used to make cannabis drinks to dietary supplements to even CBD skincare products, we have it all!

Not all products are made the same, so here’s how we deliver on our promise to supply the best quality CBD products on the market!


Quality Assurance from Amsterdam Genetics CBD Partner

The CBD boom continues to introduce new companies to the market, offering many types of products. Selecting credible products is essential to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Not all products are made the same and can vary in dosage, effectiveness, and even their contents.

CBD is one of many chemical compounds in cannabis. Pure CBD products contain 100% CBD, while Full-Spectrum CBD products can contain upwards of 0.3% THC and other compounds. Learn more about the different forms of CBD here.

Our CBD partner, SupMedi, specializes in providing products made with 100% CBD. We selected them for their reliability in the online CBD market. A look behind the scenes of their operations shows how they’re such a trusted name in CBD. Here’s what you can expect from their products:

  • Lab-tested – each product is independently lab-tested to determine the correct CBD contents and effectiveness in delivering results.
  • Expertise  SupMedi has a dedicated research team that spends years developing their CBD product line. Each product goes through several trials and independent lab tests before receiving the stamp of approval for online sale.
  • Consumer Reviews – CBD can have different results for each person. Customer reviews support each product’s suggested uses and benefits. In addition to product reviews, SupMedi shares company reviews to showcase their reliability in delivering quality CBD products. It’s important to note that no CBD medical benefits are conclusive, and there is ongoing research to determine actual results.

These factors guarantee that you receive products that contain their listed CBD contents when purchasing CBD products from our online store.

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Our CBD Products

There are countless ways to consume CBD. Eating or ingesting it is the most common. However, it can also be applied and absorbed through your skin. And even less common is vaping CBD, although many advise against this method due to the dangers of vaping. How you consume CBD can alter its effectiveness in delivering medical benefits and potency.

Choosing high-quality products gives the best results for consuming CBD, regardless of your consumption preferences. Here’s a look at some of our most popular CBD products and how to use them.

CBD Supplements

CBD supplements are the latest craze. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure you get the right amount of your daily dosage of CBD. Our current offerings include CBD oils and tablets. Supplements can be taken directly or combined with other products. Add the right amount, and you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD while consuming your favourite foods and drinks!


Our CBD oil comes in the form of Full-Spectrum CBD, so it may contain a small amount (no more than 0.3%) of THC. The CBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% contains 500mg of CBD, and the CBD Oil Full Spectrum 10% has 1000mg of CBD for users who require a higher dosage. Both products come in 10ml bottles, which is approximately 200 drops. You can apply a few drops under your tongue or even use them to make cannabis drinks infused with CBD.

These oils are made by using a special CO2-extraction method. SupMedi takes organically grown hemp and extracts the best compounds before developing it into an oil high in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. An advantage to these full-spectrum CBD oils is the entourage effect. This occurs when all the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant interact with each other and your body to create a combined effect. 

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CBD Tablets

An alternative to CBD oil is a tablet. Our CBD tablets are pure CBD and contain no THC. We extract the pure CBD from hemp plants, isolating the compound from other cannabinoids. Independent lab tests confirm their purity.

Tablets can be eaten and are great for people on the go. They’re easy to swallow and don’t need water. One tablet contains 30mg of CBD—enough to experience some of the reported effects, like better sleep, reduced anxiety, and an improved immune system.

For an even sweeter taste, try out our CBD Candy Tablets.


Our CBD nutrition products arrive ready to consume right out of packages. The CBD chocolate comes with 24 pieces containing 25mg each. Our CBD oatmeal and CBD coffee packages come with multiple servings to start your day right with a boost of CBD. These products are made with pure CBD and extracted similarly to our tablets.


Topicals are growing in popularity. Some benefits you may experience applying directly to your skin are renewal and rejuvenation. Our hemp oil soaps are handmade with fragrant scents. They’re all natural to provide the best care for your skin and are designed for daily use.

Our range of CBD products from SupMedi gives something for everybody! You can find all of our CBD products here.

CBD OilCBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% (10ml)

CBD Oil Full Spectrum 10% (10ml)