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Best Place To Grow Weed Indoors

If you’re looking for the best place to grow weed in your house, check out the practical tips below to make sure you pick the room that suits your needs. We’ll help you pinpoint that weed sweet spot whether you want to use a grow tent or a full-fledged indoor grow room.

Finding The Best Place To Grow Weed In Your House

Growing cannabis indoors can be a highly efficient and economical way of ensuring your own affordable weed supply throughout the year. With today’s soaring energy prices, though, making the wrong choices could just as well wind you up with stupidly high electricity bills on top of any other legal and financial hazards.

We are here to help your indoor cannabis growing efforts succeed, so we thought we’d do a quick tour of any possible grow spot you could use around the house, just to check the pros and cons. Together, we will pinpoint the best place to grow weed in your house to help you make the most of what your own home has to offer!

Which Factors Determine The Best Place To Grow Weed Indoors?

Let’s consider the most important indoor grow factors to consider before you pick the best room in your house. Every house is different, so you will need to apply these considerations to your own situation. Still, with a few basic parameters in mind, you can determine the best spot to grow weed indoors no matter where you live.

1: Space

The obvious first condition to meet when finding the best place to grow weed in your house is space. If you want to grow just one plant, or three at most, using a small-size grow tent is probably your best option. Tents are easy to use, well insulated, relatively cheap, and they can be set up basically anywhere because, well, they were designed for this stuff.

Growing weed indoors in a tent reduces the need for room climate control, because a good tent lets you establish an interior micro-climate in pretty much any room around the house.

cannabis grow tent

If you only have a spare closet to use, a bit of imagination and basic DIY skills will help you turn it into an impromptu miniature grow room fit for the same number of plants you’d grow in a tent.

Overall, finding a room with lots of space is not that important as long as you have modest production needs. In fact, large spaces are more difficult to illuminate and keep warm. Picking a spot with good climate control and stealth options plus suitable utilities is the better choice.

2: Climate

Controlling climate factors such as temperature, lighting, humidity, and ventilation is essential in indoor ganja farming. Using a grow tent lets you work in a ‘bubble’ within your home, which makes climate control a whole lot easier. Still, even tents are affected by the temperature of the surrounding room.


Cannabis plants like warm environments. If you pick a grow spot or a whole room that is easy to keep warm, you can save on heating expenses and make a positive impact on your energy bills.

On the other hand, heat produced by lamps and fans is easier to expel using exhaust fans in cooler environments. If you use modern LED lighting, though, you’ll probably want to pick a nice and warm spot over a cold part of the house.

Remember to check the insulation while looking for the best place to grow weed in your house. Consider walls and flooring as well as the glazing of any windows present. Having central heating available can go a long way towards setting the right cannabis climate in the room, making basements and garages less ideal than a living room or bedroom.

Also keep in mind that hot air moves up. That could make your attic a good option if you live in a colder or temperate zone. In warmer countries, however, insulation tends to work the other way around: look for cooler rooms to protect plants from drying out or burning up due to summer heat stress here.

best place to grow weed indoors

Grow tents come in various sizes.


You will have to make sure your grow room has no light leaks that could ruin your carefully planned lighting schedule. Rooms without windows are obvious candidates here, but remember that light creeping in from under the door will hurt your plants just as well. You may want to make sure you can enter your grow room from a hallway where you can switch off the lights before entering to eliminate yet another light leaking source.

Darkening your grow room windows is a good alternative for a windowless space. Just make sure it doesn’t look too silly and/or shady from the outside if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

Humidity & Airflow

Humidity and airflow are crucial parameters to control for indoor growers. You can do so by using inlet and exhaust fans to introduce and expel air from your grow room or tent. Having windows you can open helps, but that would cause light leaks almost by default. Even if you crack open a widow only at night, nearby streetlights can still ruin your day.

Air humidity tends to be harder to control in damp basements and (spare)  bathrooms, so take this into account when picking the best place to grow weed in your house.

3: Utilities

The best place to grow weed in your house should have easy access to electricity and water available. Central heating helps, but its overall usefulness depends on other factors as discussed above.  Having a faucet in the room will make watering your plants that much easier.

Check your circuits if you plan to use power-hungry equipment on your preferred indoor weed growing spot. If you have other devices running on the same circuit, you could cause shortcuts that will harm your plants or cause serious damage to your equipment.

4: Stealth

In most countries, stealth is a primary concern for anyone trying to raise a few cannabis plants at home. Even if growing your own weed is allowed by law, you may want to keep nosey neighbours, thieves, and need-to-know-basis family members (including kids!) away from your green hobby project.

Basements, garages, attics, and broom closets tend to be out of the way for most guests. That often makes them the best place to grow weed in your house if keeping a low profile is important.

lemon haze

Get your odour control in order of you want to grow a fragrance bomb like Lemon Haze

Remember that keeping prying eyes out is just one aspect of finding the safest location for growing weed indoors. Odour control is crucial too. Having the right filters in place to keep unwanted smells out (or in) is key, but you should decide which is best in your unique situation: expelling hot air directly outside the house, or releasing it into an adjoining room to use the remaining heat and save on energy consumption?

Noise can be a stealth spoiler too. Fans in particular tend to produce buzzing noises that some neighbours or housemates will find very annoying.

There is one last stealth aspect to consider in looking for the best spot to grow weed indoors in your house: supply lines. Depending on your grow setup, you will need to haul pots, soil, water, and possibly more in and out of the room. Easy access can be very handy, but concealed supply lines can be even more important than logistics if the law is not on your side.

Building A Basement Grow Room

If you have a basement available, good for you! Basements give great stealth and insulation options, plus they are usually the most light-proof rooms of the house. Often used for storage purposes, this could be your best place to grow cannabis indoors simply because your hobby doesn’t get in anyone’s way, with minimal access for guests and incidental visitors.

Watch out for humidity problems with a grow room in the basement, as subterranean rooms are more prone to mould and leakage issues. Depending on structural layout, ventilation and heating can be problematic too, but connoisseurs with their own weed cellar should have no problems dealing with summer heatwaves if they play their cards right.

moisture indoor weed

A Grow Room In The Attic

Just like a basement, building a grow room in the attic takes your crops away from the prying eyes of casual visitors, children, and attentive delivery guys. Major drawbacks of top floor growing include hauling bags of soil and gallons of water up the stairs.

In addition, being right under the roof (especially flat surface roofs) increases your vulnerability to hot weather.

(Spare) Bedroom

Having a spare bedroom as the best place to grow weed in your house is pure luxury. If you have one, use it to your advantage. Bedrooms offer the perfect mix of accessibility, discretion, insulation, and ventilation options. Just make sure you have a good explanation ready when you need to explain to your mother-in-law why she can’t come and sleep over in that extra room!

Using a bedroom where people actually sleep can be problematic. Exhaust fans can produce annoying noises, and expelled air may heat the room beyond acceptable limits. If you have no other options, make sure to use a grow tent in your bedroom to give your plants, yourself, and possibly your life partner some privacy.

Growing Weed In A Broom Closet

If you are planning on small-scale runs, a broom closet or similar space could be the best place to grow weed indoors. If you use the correct type of reflective insulation materials and get your ventilation up and running, you won’t even need a tent.

Power sockets and other utilities can be a problem in closet spaces, however. On top of that, you will have to make sure your chosen strains fit the space, so be weary of stretchy genetics and expansive sativa plants.

Magic OG Kush

A nice and compact strain like Magic OG Kush is best for tiny spaces.

Living Room

In small apartments and even tiny houses, the living room may be your best place to grow weed in your house. This is the most risky option in terms of family disputes, and you may find it impossible to keep your hobby hidden. Utilities and accessibility are usually great, however, plus this is the best place to grow weed indoors if you like to talk to your plants for encouragement.


Having a garage available to use as your grow room is just awesome. It offers stealth, minimal disruption of family life, and privacy, while usually having great utilities and accessibility options.

Depending on location, temperature fluctuations can be a problem in building extensions, so be ready to install additional cooling equipment to compensate for summer heat, or have a heater ready for your indoor winter grows.

So What’s The Best Place To Grow Weed In Your House?

Summing up, there’s a sweet spot for growing weed in every home. If you keep the above tips in mind, you should be able to do a mental scan of your own home and determine the best place to grow weed in your house.

Whichever room you pick, though, always make sure to order premium cannabis seeds to work with. That way, you can grow plants that match your own preferences!

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