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5 Cannabis Grow Tent Benefits

It goes without saying that anyone growing cannabis seeds aims for maximum harvest results. If you’re growing cannabis indoors, a cannabis grow tent gives you optimal control over a broad range of grow factors. At first glance, using a grow tent may seem complicated. However, once you find the grow tent that suits your needs and situation and you set it up in your home, watering your plants is just about all you’ll need to do to ease your way towards a premium harvest. It really is that simple! To help you on your way, this blog sums up the five biggest advantages of using a cannabis grow tent.  

Why Use A Cannabis Grow Tent?

A cannabis grow tent allows you to create the perfect environment for your precious plants. Grow tents let you use a small confined space for your plants to grow n. They feature reflective interior surfaces and premade entry points for ventilation and electricity.

cannabis grow tent

Grow tents grant your plants a safe space with stable conditions. They are the perfect way to control the most important factors that determine the success of your grow, including airflow, temperature, humidity, and lighting. Cannabis grow tents are readily available to order online, coming in a range of sizes and their corresponding price categories. Cannabis grow tents are your ticket to establishing the perfect growing conditions:

  • Lighting efficiency: cannabis grow tents have reflective lining on the inside, which help the light reach all sides of your plats. The confined space and flexibility of grow tents makes this much easier to achieve than any regular grow room would.
  • Waterproof: Most tents come with waterproof floors that prevent spilling issues and allow for easy cleaning to boot.
  • Lightproof: Light cannot spill into or out of a cannabis grow tent. That’s a big advantage for your plants, since they require periods of complete darkness. In addition, you will appreciate the fact that tents keep the light emitted by your bright grow lamps inside as well.
  • Air humidity: small, confined spaces lie grow tents make it easier to maintain stable air humidity compared to larger grow rooms or indeed outdoor cannabis gardens.
  • Temperature: What applies to air humidity also goes for temperature. A cannabis grow tent gives you more options to control heat and cold. Temperatures outside your tent will still affect indoor conditions to some extent, however; factors contributing to cold or heat in the surrounding environment will still have to be taken into  account.
  • Equipment: Grow tents facilitate easy installing of relevant equipment, such as fans and lighting arrays.
  • Ventilation: cannabis grow tents facilitate easy optimisation of airflow using fans. Fresh air can enter and exit unobstructed. This makes temperature control even easier.

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Five Advantages Of A Cannabis Grow Tent

We help growers make a well-founded choice by summing up the five top advantages of a cannabis grow tent.

1: Control

Buying a cannabis grow tent is an easy way to improve your control over the factors listed above: Light, air humidity, temperature, and water. What’s more, grow tents don’t have to be that expensive either: anything between 100 and 200 euros will get you a long way to an average tent. Keep in mind that even if you don’t buy a cannabis grow tent, you’ll still need to purchase lights, fans, and other equipment f you plan to grow inside – and your energy expenses are bound to go up in a larger space as well.

2: Convenience

A cannabis grow tent is designed to make life easier for you. They are about easy to set up as a tent you would use on a camping trip. Moreover, they will fit in just about any room  you have available, from the attic to the broom cupboard. These setups are usually much easier to achieve than converting an entire room for growing purposes, plus you can break camp in no-time whenever you’re not growing, or if you need to use the space for other purposes.

3: Phase Specific Growing

You can increase your advantages even further by using two grow tents simultaneously. This allows you to dedicate one tent to the vegetative stage and the other for the flowering stage. This facilitates year-round harvesting by managing two grows at the same time.

4: Hygiene

On top of the above, cannabis grow tents make for relatively hygienic growing environments. If your tent features mesh screens along the air inlets, you can keep unwanted insects out. Of course, mes will not stop bacteria, viruses, and fungi from entering, but tents drastically increase your chances of keeping your weed free from predators.

5: Discretion

Last but not least, there is a cannabis grow tent’s discreet character to consider. Don’t underestimate the benefit of having a confined, sealed-off environment for your plants to keep prying eyes and inquisitive family members (or pets!) from messing with your precious flora.

All things considered, a cannabis grow tent offers some great practical advantages to make the most out of your cannabis seeds at a fairly acceptable price. You won’t be the first cannabis home grower to wonder why they didn’t invest in a grow tent earlier!

lighting cannabis grow tent
Tents allow for easy adjustments to the lighting spectrum.

What Is The Best Cannabis Grow Tent Size?

Take a few minutes to check out some online shops selling cannabis grow tents, and you’ll notice that there are dozens of models and sizes to choose from. You run a serious chance of getting lost along the way towards your perfect tent. So which size best suits your needs? Below, you’ll find the most convenient dimensions for your average home grower.

Small Sizes

Any cannabis grow tent measuring between 60×60 and 80x80cm qualifies as a small size tent. These will be large enough to accommodate most regular grow lights. They’re well-suited for beginners since they offer enough room for a nice harvest while not requiring you to make complex decisions on how to use all the space offered by larger tents. They help keep your grows manageable. Small tents make it easy to reach all parts of your plants, and one or two grow lamps will suffice. LED or fluorescent lighting is usually best for these small cannabis grow tent sizes.

Average Sizes

If you’re aiming for more substantial harvests, 90 x 90 to 120 x 120cm tents are a good choice. A cannabis grow tent of these dimensions will accommodate the use of more grow lights. They also allow you to harvest about twice the quantity that would fit in small size tents, while still being compact enough for a set up that you can easily manage on your own.

Height Of A Cannabis Grow Tent

Of course, you’ll need some vertical space to grow cannabis plants, too. While 150cm will do for most smaller plants, you’ll find that 180cm heights leave you more room to work with. If you pick a lower tent ceiling, your plants are likely to hit the lights as they grow. That in turn is likely to cause heat stress; and at any rate, you don’t want your plants’ fragile growth tips and flower buds cramped up against the ceiling!

The kind of cannabis seeds you order can make a difference in terms of the required height of your prospective cannabis grow tent. Generally speaking, sativa strains and most haze seeds tend to grow taller than indica weed and kush varieties. If you have limited vertical space available, ordering cannabis seeds from the latter categories is usually your best choice. However, you could also try to apply specific grow techniques to contain the height of your plats. You can read more about these techniques in our selection of Grow Blogs.

Minimum heights upwards of 150cm allow for the use of 400 watt lighting. Tents with higher ceilings can handle just about any strain, no matter how tall they grow.

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Germinating And Pregrowing Cannabis Seeds In Grow Tents

A cannabis grow tent can provide a great sheltered environment for germinating any cannabis seeds you order. Make sure you get your lighting right, though, because seedling can find it difficult to cope with the full blast of 400W grow lights, which can cause stretching that you will want to avoid.

For outdoor growers, the advantage of pregrowing in a cannabis grow tent before taking your young plants outside is giving your seeds a head start before exposing them to the elements. This helps you give your precious seedlings a safe and protected early childhood. Perhaps even more importantly, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to start your outdoor season early by allowing your cannabis seeds to ‘pop’ while outdoor conditions are a bit too chilly for a favourable grow environment.

Drying Buds In A Cannabis Grow Tent

In addition to the above, many growers use their tents to let their buds dry in a controlled environment after harvesting their flowers. If you keep a close eye on temperature and air humidity, a cannabis grow tent can set the perfect conditions for drying weed, providing everything you need for climate and odour control.

With a bit of creativity, you can secure a wire frame and turn your cannabis grow tent into a cannabis drying tent right after the harvest is in!

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How To Pick A Cannabis Grow Tent?

If the tips and advantages described above have convinced you to order your own cannabis grow tent, we advise you to take the time to find the best tent for your personal situation. Picking a high-end, super advanced tent may seem tempting, since you’ll want to give your seeds the best grow environment they can get. However, buying a cheaper tent may work just as well, giving you everything you need to get that grow going. Especially if this is your first time working with a cannabis grow tent, going for more affordable options is usually the smart choice, allowing you to gain some experience before proceeding to spend a fortune on top shelf material.

A cannabis grow tent offers a safe environment for your plants, with the perfect conditions for prolific growth and prime harvests. Now that you know the main benefits of using one, you’re ready to start searching for the one that best fits your needs and situation. No matter what you decide, though, it all starts with ordering premium quality cannabis seeds – and you’ve come to the right place for that!

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