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CBD Oatmeal: Cereals, Only Healthier

Oatmeal is making a comeback! This cereal champion is all the rage these days, quickly regaining its leading position as a popular breakfast staple for people of all ages. So how great would it be if you could get your daily dose of CBD along with all the good stuff of an oatmeal breakfast? Well, that’s just what we thought, and guess what? We’re making things easy for you with our CBD Oatmeal portion packs enriched with first-class cannabidiol. That way, you won’t have to worry about the right dose anymore. So what makes oatmeal so super healthy? And what can CBD add to that health boost for you? Read on to find out, because we’re spelling it out for you, along with a nice and quick Overnight CBD Oatmeal recipe to set you up!

All The Best Of Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a plant-based product loaded with rolled or ground oats. Oats are a wholesome type of cereals as they contain all the fibres, vitamins, and minerals, in contrast to processed cereal products. However, full oatmeal has another advantage over other oats. Oat fibres contain lots of beta glucans that can lower cholesterol. This beneficial effect does require at least 3 grams of beta glucans, however, which equals 75 grams of oats. Still oatmeal is packed with natural goodness even without counting the CBD!

Moreover, research shows that oats can prevent blood sugar levels from rising quickly, and slow the rate at which you digest food, improving the digestive result. On top of that, fibre is good for your bowels by contributing to wholesome bacterial cultures. And they keep you feeling full for longer, too!

cbd oatmeal cereal breakfast healthy
A very healthy start of your day!

There are signs indicating that beta glucans also have anti-inflammatory properties too, although we have to wait for further research to explore this in detail.

However, since our CBD oatmeal is already enriched with all the benefits of cannabidiol, you know you’re getting all the best of oatmeal and the best of CBD to support your health in one go!

What CBD Can Do For Your Health

When you eat CBD Oatmeal, you allow cannabidiol to help you from the inside out. CBD can help you live a healthy lifestyle in many ways. CBD works together with your own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates the internal processes in your body. The ECS strives to maintain a state of homeostasis in the body: the mechanism by which the body keeps itself healthy by preserving a balance between all our vital functions.

SupMedi CBD Oatmeal can contribute to your health in many ways, with the full potential to help relieve specific symptoms. One of CBD’s many benefits is its anti-inflammatory potential. However, CBD can be an analgesic as well, helping control various kinds of (chronic) pain.

Furthermore, CBD can help reduce problems related to emotional and mental health. CBD can help reduce anxiety and depression, for instance, or improve your quality of sleep and reduce stress-related issues.

CBD Oatmeal: Deliciously Healthy!

The internet is full of recipes you can use for CBD Oats. One example is Overnight Oats: oatmeal left in the fridge overnight. If that sounds easy, it’s because it is. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave it in the refrigerator until next morning. This is a superbly easy way to start your day right with a solid, wholesome breakfast. Of course, you can also take it with you for a ready-made and healthy overnight CBD Oatmeal snack.

CBD Oatmeal Sports Shake

Another great idea is making your very own CBD sports shake. It’s child’s play, really: just make the CBD Oatmeal cording to the instructions and check whether it’s liquid enough to drink. Add milk or a vegan alternative of your choosing until your CBD shake is ready to drink (even through a straw). There you are: you’ve just made your own instant healthy refill after an intense workout at the gym – with enough CBD to ensure better muscle recovery and many other CBD exercise benefits!

cbd shake oatmeal sports
Perfect after your workout: a CBD Oatmeal Shake!

Tip: Overnight CBD Oatmeal

Mix these basic ingredients, stir them well. and cover them before leaving them in the fridge for a night:

30g CBD Oatmeal (1 bag)

150ml (skimmed) milk; or soy, almond, or oat milk

Pick your tasty extras to add a personal flavour boost:

Spicy: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, or aniseed

Sweet: honey, cane sugar, agave syrup, or your personal favourite sweetener

Fruity: squashed banana or strawberry, or grated apple or pear

Nutty: peanut butter, nut paste, or tahini

If you like, sprinkle on one (or more!) of these toppings the next morning:

Fresh fruit

Grated coconut or CBD Chocolate

Seeds and nuts

Raisins, dates, or goji berries

cbd oatmeal
Packed with goodness…

Wake & Bake With Your CBD Oatmeal Bowl Or Shake

True cannabis connoisseurs will have noticed how CBD Oatmeal makes for the perfect Wake & Bake breakfast. Did you know that CBD can regulate the (negative) effects of a THC high? So how great is that on your easy morning off work, gobbling away at a wholesome bowl of CBD Oatmeal? That’ll have you sorted for a full day of natural chills…

Although obviously, the very best way to complete that responsible wake and bake is by brewing your own fresh cup of our gourmet CBD Coffee… Enjoy!