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Easily Grow Cannabis Outdoors Yourself

There are quite a few people who, despite their green thumbs, hesitate to grow their own cannabis at home in the garden. That’s a real shame, because growing cannabis outdoors yourself is easy. Therefore, at least read through this short blog: before you know it, you’ll be very satisfied harvesting your first yield of home-grown outdoor cannabis!

Growing A Cannabis Plant In The Garden, Is That Difficult?

We can be brief about this: no, growing a cannabis plant in your garden yourself is a piece of cake. The nickname for cannabis is not without reason ‘weed’. Cannabis grows like weed – once they take hold, it’s often more difficult to keep them out of your garden than in…

Everything you need to easily grow cannabis outdoors is contained in a cannabis seed. And because ordering cannabis seeds online is so simple, you only need some space in your garden. The rest comes from nature, including sunlight, water, and nutrients from the soil.

Of course, you can help your cannabis plants by watering them well, fertilizing extra, using growing techniques, and giving lots of love, but all of this is extra. If you’re growing cannabis for the first time, you really just need to plant some seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow and bloom.

As you can see, growing cannabis outdoors is easy, so just order your first-class cannabis seeds and check if you are allowed to have plants in the garden where you live.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors Yourself, Is That Allowed?

The answer to this question largely depends on where you live. In the Netherlands, the home base of Amsterdam Genetics, small-scale home cultivation is tolerated by the police, as long as it doesn’t look like you’re growing for commercial purposes. So, with a few cannabis plants in the house, you should not have any trouble in principle – although things still regularly go wrong, even here.

In the U.S., what you can and cannot grow varies by state. So always check local regulations before getting started there, because every season new states are added where people discover how easy it is to grow cannabis outdoors.

Worldwide, cannabis legislation is constantly changing. Many European countries are flirting with the idea of legalization, with Malta at the forefront when it comes to tolerant rules. Thailand is also a strong example of how quickly regulations can change. But if you are not allowed to grow cannabis outdoors in your country (yet), do not look for problems. Remember, you can simply order cannabis seeds that you can store for years before you germinate them – you can nicely wait until your country legalizes home cultivation!

You Too Can Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Cannabis grows like a weed, but there are more reasons why growing cannabis at home is easy. Nowadays, you can easily order absolute top-quality cannabis seeds online. Online seed banks with a top reputation like Amsterdam Genetics have been perfecting their seeds for decades, so everyone can get started at home. Your first package of high-quality cannabis seeds is just a few clicks away – especially with our fast, discreet and safe shipping method!

In our webshop, you will find seeds that make growing cannabis at home easy for everyone, so also for you, wherever you live and whatever climate you have. Be sure to check out our growing collection of fast and super easy autoflower cannabis seeds, for the best results with minimal risks and effort.


Easily Grow Cannabis Outdoors In Your Garden Or On Your Balcony

We notice that beginner growers often doubt whether they can easily grow cannabis outdoors in their garden or on their balcony. So, you don’t have to be insecure about that, because with a few small adjustments, you can turn any spot into a perfect outdoor grow location. We have a whole bunch of special blogs to help you get started. We show you how to find the best spot for cannabis plants in your garden, how to get the best soil for easily growing cannabis outdoors, and how to protect your plants from mold, diseases and harmful bugs. Not sure whether to work in a pot or in the open ground? Don’t worry, we have all the info you need to set up your own cannabis garden perfectly!


Easily Water And Feed When You Grow Cannbis Plants Outdoors

In addition to free sunshine and your own garden soil, you mainly need water and nutrition for easy outdoor cannabis growing. Even though you don’t necessarily have to give your plants extra manure or feed, if you want to do so, you can often get very far with your own compost and food from the garden center. Also, check out our blogs about watering cannabis plants and choosing the right nutrients for a good start. You will notice how easy it is to grow cannabis outdoors once you give it a try.

Smart Tips For Beginners: Keeping A Grow Diary

If you are just starting with your cannabis garden, it is handy to keep a diary to see how your plants are doing. This way, you can quickly identify the cause of any problems and learn from your mistakes in your next round. Moreover, with such a grow diary, you can ask the right questions to experts from the grower community, like the many experienced hobbyists on

Your Outdoor Cannabis Adventure Begins Here

So? Are you ready to get your green fingers a bit muddy? Are you eager to delve into the world of quick and easy outdoor cannabis cultivation? Head straight to our online catalog and select the flavors, effects, and properties that appeal to you. If you truly don’t know where to start, consider ordering our Exotic Purple Autoflower strain. This multicolored beauty combines a sweet candy taste with rapid growth and flowering, resulting in a smooth, easy harvest full of deeply relaxing purple-green buds.

If you have further questions about growing cannabis outdoors easily, read through our blogs or get in touch with our team. If you think you’ve learned enough, order your cannabis seeds promptly and get started – you could already be sitting outdoors in the sun enjoying your new green hobby!

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