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Happy Cannabis Strains: Weed With A Smile

Everybody knows that laughing is a healthy habit: being happy is a natural boost for our mind and our body. Cannabis can help promote those happy feelings, as many connoisseurs will confirm. And even though happiness is difficult to measure scientifically (try testing and quantifying an emotion and you’ll see why), it appears that marijuana can help improve our mood. In this blog, we explore why cannabis makes people happy, and which happy cannabis strains give the best chances of the giggles, positive conversations, and happy feelings all around.

Happy Through The Effect Of Cannabis

How does one describe happiness? A positive mood, a tendency to smile and laugh, and a general sense of wellbeing are all part of the answer at least. Happiness is a state most people would like to experience all the time; sadly, though, this is practically impossible. Our moods change continuously: it is just the way things work in life. One of the factors that determine our mood is a regulatory system in the human body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS affects much more than just our emotional state; it influences many processes, including cycles of sleeping and waking, digestion, memory, and our body’s immune system.

Strikingly, these are all processes that cannabis may affect, too. In fact, the ECS works by means of cannabinoids; both the endocannabinoids produced by the body itself and phytocannabinoids produced by plants: by cannabis plants, to be specific. These plant cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, are able to bind to cell receptors, allowing them to regulate processes such as our mood.

Positive Vibes And Anandamide

So how exactly does cannabis help people feel happy? Part of the explanation involves the compound known as anandamide; a neurotransmitter produced by our own body. This substance is also known as the ‘bliss molecule’: the compound that helps us achieve a state of bliss. This is arguably a pretty big statement to stick to any one molecule; put simply, however, anandamide improves our capacity to handle stress, and triggers feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

THC found in cannabis has similar qualities to anandamide, as it can activate the same receptors that the bliss molecule affects. Consuming cannabis flowers can therefore trigger the same sense of bliss, producing happy feelings and smiles just like any other positive stimulus that might otherwise cause happiness.

cannabis happy

This is all well and good in theory, of course, but actual scientific research turns out to support these claims. In one study, mice that were unable to produce their own anandamide were tested for their ability to cope with stress. It turned out that stressful stimuli affected these mice worse than those able to produce anandamide. These mice used the bliss molecule to stay more relaxed, which enabled them to ignore certain stressors. Subsequently, the initial subjects received THC, after which their ability to handle stress improved dramatically. This is a clear demonstration of a strong link between cannabis, anandamide, and happy feelings as caused by the absence of stress.

Anandamide also helps our conscious ability to ‘remain in the present’. The compound affects how new memories are generated, affecting our sense of time. This combination triggers a state of awareness that reduces the urge to dwell on the past or the future. Similar effects can be observed after consumption of THC. Both of these cannabinoids allow us to truly stay ‘in the moment’, which explains how marijuana can improve our ability to be absorbed by a great song, for instance, or to deeply enjoy a conversation with a close friend. As long as you enjoy the moment, feel happy, and having fun, you can let go of any worries that occupy your mind.

Can Cannabis Make Us Happy In The Long Run?

We have seen how cannabis can help us feel happy; but does this effect only last for the duration of a high, or are there long-term benefits as well? Research in fact seems to indicate that cannabis can have a long-term impact on people’s moods. This implies that we could stand to benefit from weed in case of anxiety, stress, low moods, and depression.

A 2013 study demonstrated that THC can positively affect our perception. This can promote the ability of people affected by depression to draw less negative conclusions about their experiences. There is more to cannabis that can help in times of depression and anxiety, however. Limonene, one of the many terpenes found in cannabis, can be quite effective too. This cannabis compound also affects our neurotransmitters, increasing body dopamine and serotonin levels which help promote happy feelings as well.

Cannabis happy

As mentioned above, moods such as happiness are difficult to study in a laboratory. Cannabis marketing agency BDSA tried to gain more insight in the mood of cannabis consumers compared to those of non-consumers. They took a range of other factors into account, including social, financial, and mental health and wellbeing, as determined by employment, sense of fulfilment, and more. The study indicated a striking difference: cannabis consumers turned out to experience more frequent feelings of satisfaction, as well as being more successful, healthier, and more sociable than non-consumers.

These are pretty strong indications of how cannabis can codetermine our long-term sense of happiness, too. If weed can help people enjoy what life has to offer and gain a sense of satisfaction from their achievements and social relationships, as well as making them successful at what they do… Then cannabis could actually be a valuable contribution to a happy, vital, and meaningful life.

Which Cannabis Strains Make Us Happy?

Let’s be very clear here: you obviously do not need cannabis to experience happy feelings. Going out with friends can make you happy, as can cooking a wholesome meal, having great sex, or chewing away at a nice piece f chocolate – there are plenty of things beyond cannabis that can put a smile on your face. Having said that, however, all of the above examples make for fine combinations with weed come to think of it…

Earnestly, though, anyone looking to boost a happy mood could try whether cannabis helps. Still, all cannabis strains are unique, just as no two individual persons are ever completely the same. That means there is an ideal happy cannabis strain for everyone. Here’s a few tips to help you on your way, however.

Happy Strains #1: Candyfloss

The name of this strain is enough to put a smile on your face: Candyfloss is a sweet sativa sensation with strong happy effects that manifest mainly on a mental level. Stress, low moods, and depression tend to melt away like cotton candy as soon as this lady drops by. Her sugar-sweet taste reminds of the traditional treat that is the strain’s namesake.

candyfloss sativa weed

In the right circumstances, Candyfloss can make growers extra happy by displaying pinkish or purple hues as harvest time approaches. Even if she doesn’t, though, this cannabis delight promotes happy grows by just nine weeks’ flowering times. This superfast sativa is every bit as quick as a sugar rush – only without the extra calories!

Happy Strains #2: Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice is a strong sativa strain just like Candyfloss, full of joyful mental vibes. Here too, sweetness is a defining taste element, but Lemon Ice adds a dash of citrus fruit that instantly boosts the uplifting effect. This limonene terpene kick makes for some extra oomph to the happy, fruity high of this established cannabis pick-me-up.

Lemon Ice marijuana seeds

Lemon Ice is fully qualified to tackle tensions and negativity. The main difference with Candyfloss is the extra uplifting creative vibe that tops off the whole. Growers looking for productivity will love how Lemon Ice makes for productive highs as well as productive harvests large enough to make anyone happy.

Happy Bonus Tip: CBD Chocolate!

Anyone who can’t wait for an entire cannabis grow to get happy could try our special tip instead: CBD 24/7 Chocolate Thins! These delicious chocolate treats are made of 70% dark Virunga chocolate. The high quality CBD infusion can be a natural help for a balanced body and mind. This is exactly why so many people use CBD for so many different conditions and symptoms.

The finest Congolese Virunga chocolate is produced sustainably to make local farmers and the rainforest just as happy as you. Chocolate of such premium quality promotes the production of anandamide without negative health effects. That makes for a whole luxury gift box fill of guilt-free CBD cannabis moments to get happy without getting high or gaining weight!

cbd chocolate 24/7

Caution: Cannabis Is No Magic Happy Trick!

Always be aware that what works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone. Cannabis doesn’t magically make everyone happy all the time: it’s not as simple as that. In fact, some people are particularly vulnerable to having ‘bad trip’ cannabis experiences. That means you should always be cautious and take it easy; especially if you’re not all that experienced.

If you are affected by mood disorders (like anxiety disorders or severe depression, for instance) or serious emotional problems, you should treat cannabis with great caution. Chances are it will do more harm than good for you. If you are dealing with severe psychological problems, always seek professional help. And even if you’re feeling just fine, always be sensible and responsible in the way you enjoy cannabis!

Getting Happy Growing Cannabis Seeds

Gardening is another source of happiness for many people. Watching the power of nature at work with your own eyes is an experience that can make anyone happy. Guess what makes it even better? That’s right: getting a whole bunch of flower buds as a reward with the prospect of more happiness to come! This goes a long way toward explaining why so many people have made a hobby out of growing cannabis seeds. Of course, a nice fresh cannabis harvest is enough to make any grower happy, but for some, it’s not about yields – they grow just for the fun of it.

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Growing your own marijuana is not even that hard; with a bit of timing, a simple garden or balcony is all you need. If you make sure you order cannabis seeds of premium quality online from the comfort of your own home, it’s not hard to do the math… Anyone can get happy growing weed – our selection of world-class cannabis seeds is living proof!

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