10 Organic Fertilizer Tablets


Slow-releasing organic fertilizer tablets for plant cultivation on: coco, lightly fertilized and heavily fertilized soil. Each box contains 10 BioTabs – good for approx. 100 liters of substrate.

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Product description

BioTabs are slow-releasing organic fertilizer tablets which contain a mixture of natural ingredients. BioTabs organic fertilizer tablets stimulate the soil through microbiological activity, while providing fertilizer for your plant(s).

The BioTabs tablets contain a mixture of slow-acting organic nitrogen, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. The soil bacteria improve the quality of the soil and contribute to the good uptake of the fertilizers. Resulting in even and healthy growth, without leaching of the fertilizers. The unique formula of fertilizers and soil bacteria in BioTabs tablets ensure healthy plant growth through healthy soil.

How To Use BioTabs

Using BioTabs is easy. In fact, it makes organic growing child’s play; compared to other products. Besides, the BioTabs products are perfectly suited for different cultivation methods: soil and coco, potted and ground-plants and indoor and outdoor growing.

First, determine the number of BioTabs needed; using the table below. Then make a hole in your substrate using a pen or screwdriver, for example. Finally place the BioTab tablet in the hole and push it 5-10cm deep in the substrate.

Pot Volume In Litres / Number Of Tabs

5 lt. 10 lt. 20 lt. 30 lt. 50 lt. 60 lt. 70 lt.
1 2 3 4 4 5 6

The slow-release in the BioTabs ensures there’ll be enough fertilizer in the substrate for 8-10 weeks. They dissolve completely during that time, so won’t leave anything behind in your pot / ground. Remember when you’ve placed the BioTab tablet or write it down, to keep track of your plant’s needs during it’s growing and flowering phase.

Use the BioTabs tablets in combination with the other products from the BioTabs line, for the best results during your grow.


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