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Quality Unmatched: Amsterdam Genetics’ CBD Revolution

With the boom of CBD, Amsterdam Genetics is leading the revolution with the highest quality products available on the market! Our range of CBD products, like supplements and nutrition, are available thanks to our CBD partner, Supmedi. Whether searching for pure CBD products or full-spectrum CBD products, you can rely on us. Let’s explore how to find which CBD product is right for you!


Differentiating Between CBD

While THC is the most discussed chemical compound in cannabis plants, there are many others found in the. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis. Extracting this compound is how you get CBD oil that’s then transformed into the many products available on the market today. CBD products can be categorized into three categories that each have unique characteristics:

  • Pure CBD
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Full-spectrum

Understanding their differences is important to know which products are right for you.

Pure CBD

As the name suggests, pure CBD (also called CBD isolate) is the purest form. Once extracted from the cannabis plant, all other chemicals are removed, and what’s left behind gets transformed into oil to create various products.


Products with this form of CBD don’t contain any THC, but may have other characteristics from the plant, just as terpene and flavonoid properties. It also may contain other cannabis compounds like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN).


Full-spectrum CBD products are the same as broad-spectrum, except they contain small traces of THC (less than 0.3%). While the THC content typically isn’t high enough to induce psychoactive effects, it can still leave traces of THC in your body—that’s important to know for users who have to undergo drug tests.

So, which form of CBD is best? CBD’s effects vary for each person, and everyone has different needs. Full-spectrum CBD benefits most for achieving the entourage effect, the combined effects of the cannabis chemical compounds interacting with your body. Pure CBD products are preferred for users who want more accurate dosing for suggested medical benefits and an alternative for those unable to consume THC.

Here are some of our popular CBD products: 

CBD Candy Tablets

CBD Chocolate

CBD Oatmeal

CBD Coffee

We clearly mark which products are categorized as Full-Spectrum, which contain small amounts of THC.


Ensuring the Quality of Your Pure CBD Products

Quality assurance is key if you fall into the category of users seeking pure CBD products. Not only is it essential to not have any THC (or other compounds) to be considered pure, but knowing the dosage is important to ensure you achieve the effects you’re after. 

Our CBD partner, Supmedi, takes the necessary steps to deliver quality products to our customers. When we say ‘pure,’ rest assured that you’ll get the correct dosage attributed to our different products. Here’s how we ensure quality:

  • Lab-tested results
  • Credibility
  • Information transparency

Consumers purchasing pure CBD products online should make note of each of these features when comparing products.

Lab-tested results

The only way to guarantee that a product has pure CBD instead of being labelled broad- or full-spectrum is by conducting in-depth tests on them. All products from Supmedi undergo tests from independent laboratories. These tests determine the accurate content of each CBD product before it is labelled for distribution to our customers. The proof is in the data, and our pure CBD products come back with only CBD!

In addition to knowing the active compounds in a product, lab-testing also helps confirm dosage. One of the biggest critiques about CBD products is that they do not contain the correct amounts of CBD, as noted on their packaging. Our lab tests help confirm that our products have the CBD content you expect when purchasing them.

For more information about our lab tests or to obtain a COA (Certificate of Analysis) for a particular product, feel free to contact us at


Reputation goes a long way for CBD companies. It’s easy to make claims about what effects you should feel after consuming CBD, but the true test is whether the claims have any truth behind them. We understand the biases affecting the CBD industry and rely greatly on customer feedback about the effectiveness of our products.

One way to confirm the credibility of CBD products is by looking at customer reviews. Our CBD partner receives dozens of positive reviews on credible sites like Trustpilot. They proudly display these reviews on their website. Even the product pages showcase customer reviews. We encourage customers to leave reviews about the products.

Information Transparency

CBD research is rapidly evolving as the global growth of the industry continues. Transparency about the effects, case studies, and products is important. Amsterdam Genetics is proactive in sharing information about CBD with readers like you. We help you stay informed about the latest in CBD via our blog. You can even download a free CBD ebook from our CBD partner for the latest discoveries, learn about the medical benefits of CBD, and the best supplements on the market.

Shop for CBD products for nutrition, skincare, and supplements here.

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