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Why CBG In Cannabis Is Important

Anyone who uses cannabis, be it for recreational or medical reasons, consumes much more than just the celebrity cannabinoids THC and CBD. All in all, cannabis contains more than one hundred different cannabinoids. One of the less familiar ones that is rapidly becoming more popular is CBG (cannabigerol). Although CBG is not very prominent in weed percentage-wise, it does convey some important and unique characteristics to its effects. Recent research has shed new light on the power and potential of CBG. Below, you’ll learn why CBG may be far more useful than its cannabis prominence would suggest.

CBG, THC, And CBD In Cannabis

CBG is just one of a whole cornucopia of cannabis plant compounds. Weed is a natural product in which all the ingredients express their combined effects together. Moreover, these compounds influence each other’s effects by means of the entourage effect. That makes it very difficult, at least for now, to detect the specific effects of CBG when trying any one cannabis strain. The amounts are just too small. Scientists are able to isolate these individual substances, however, clearing the way for research into particular CBG properties.

In contrast to THC, CBG does not have psychoactive qualities. That invokes comparisons with its cannabinoid sibling CBD. Interestingly though, CBD does appear capable of directly affecting the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a trait shared with THC, even if CBG affects other receptors than THC does.

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Medical Potential Of CBG

The positive effects of CBG in cannabis overlap with those of CBD to some extent. Similarly to CBD, CBG is likely to offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial possibilities. It is in fact very promising as an antibiotic that could be a new weapon against MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), a bacteria that resists treatment with regular antibiotics. This resistance obviously makes MRSA infections dangerous, and so it would be a real leap froward if CBG would help us treat them. For now, this cannabinoid appears about as effective against MRSA as vancomycine.

How Does CBG Affect The Cannabis High?

In addition to the promising future CBG seems to have from a medical point of view, the compound is interesting from a recreational cannabis perspective, too. Even though cannabigerol does not have psychotropic qualities of itself, it can nonetheless affect the experience in its own particular ways.

Dampens The High Produced By THC

Even if experiencing a high may be precisely why someone uses cannabis in the first place, many people turn to marijuana for its potential health benefits instead. These people are generally less interested in the cannabis high, or they may prefer to avoid it altogether. Interestingly, CBG is capable of reducing the psychotropic effects of THC. This mental aspect of the high experience is due to THC’s ability to bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, in which CB1 receptors in the brain are responsible for the mental high effects. CBG, however, is a CB1 antagonist, which means it can reduce the receptors’ responsiveness to THC. This means that high CBG weed strains will produce a less powerful high than strains with the same level of THC and less CBG (leaving the effects of CBD out of the equation for simplicity’s sake).

Counters Anxiety, Fear, And Paranoia Caused By THC

One of THC’s most inconvenient effects is its potential to cause fear, anxiety, and paranoia. Even though cannabis can help counter anxiety in certain cases, it can also make matters worse. High THC strains appear particularly likely to trigger anxiety symptoms. On the positive side, CBG appears able to counter this effect. This could be due in part to CBG’s ability to increase production of the neurotransmitter anandamide, known for its soothing, relaxing influence.

CBG In Cannabis Can Improve Moods

Even today, the effects of CBG are still partly shrouded in mystery – as are some of THC’s effects, for that matter. In all honesty, we still have limited understanding of how our brain works – let alone of how cannabinoids affect these workings. Why, for instance, does CBG not produce mind-altering effects while THC does? After all, either cannabinoid can bind to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. The present scientific consensus is that CBG has lower affinity for certain receptors, preventing the cannabinoid from flooding them. This would prevent changes to perception and consciousness similar to those produced by THC.

Despite the stark differences in effects, however, CBG does have real effects on mood. At high dosages, CBG can produce sensations of euphoria and deep relaxation. These can amount to a real mood booster, resulting in feelings of contention and wellbeing. This is actually part of the reason why CBG is under investigation as a potential treatment for depression. So even though CBG does not produce an actual high, it can definitely help people feel happier and more cheerful.

Full Spectrum CBG Oil

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Even for the most experienced growers, CBG is a very tricky cannabinoid to harvest in any useful quantities. That was precisely why cannabigerol used to be so expensive for a very long time: it just takes a huge batch of marijuana to to produce any useful CBG yields. Fortunately, these days we have an affordable alternative in the form of Full Spectrum CBG Oil. This oil is derived from specially cultivated cannabis plants that contain hardly any THC while producing exceptional levels of CBG instead. That way, anyone is free to experience the benefits of this cannabis compound without growing the crops.

For everyone who does fancy growing weed for maximum CBG content, we’ve summed up some of our main sources of plant-based cannabigerol below.

Amsterdam Genetics CBG Cannabis Seeds

Although CBG is only found in low concentrations in regular cannabis, its potential for health and recreation looks promising nonetheless. It also appears that young specimens of certain cannabis strains contain more CBG than usual. That may enable growers to cultivate strains with more CBG in the near future.

Tangerine G13 cannabis seeds CBG

Currently, it can be hard to find good, stable genetics with above-average cannabigerol percentages. In the Amsterdam Genetics seeds collection, however, you’ll find strains such as Tangerine G13 and Pineapple Kush, which can produce up to 2% CBG under the right grow conditions. Paired with the grower knowhow you’ll find in our grow blogs, these CBG strains are certainly worth a shot; even if you’re not just looking for maximum CBG potential.

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As this blog proves yet again, the world of cannabis plants is a fascinating place. Did you know, for instance, what terpenes and flavonoids in marijuana can do for your health? These cannabis compounds have fascinating health potential too, as you’ll learn by exploring all our blogs.