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Should I Plant My Weed in a Pot or in the Ground?

When you decide to grow weed outdoors, an important question arises immediately: do you plant your weed in a pot or in the ground? Both options have their advantages and influence the growth of your plants. In this blog, we tell you all about what growing in pots or in the open ground entails and how you can make the best choice.

Growing Weed Outdoors

If you’re keen on getting hands-on with your cannabis plants outdoors, there are many benefits. You’re outside in the fresh air, and your plants also benefit from fresh oxygen and sunlight.

However, before you start growing outdoors, you first need to consider how you will cultivate your weed: directly in the ground or in a pot? It’s good to know that both methods can yield excellent harvests.

Still, the choice is important as it affects many aspects of the growth and cultivation of your plants. Whether in a pot or in the ground, both have their own advantages. You can read more about this below, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Benefits of Growing Weed in a Pot


One of the biggest advantages of growing weed outdoors in a pot is the flexibility it provides. The climate in the Netherlands is versatile, to say the least. If your cannabis plants are in a pot, you can easily adapt to this.

Is there a storm, heavy rain, large hailstones, or sudden snow? This kind of turbulent weather can significantly damage or even kill your beautiful plants.

If your plants are in a pot, you can protect them. You can move them to a sheltered spot or even bring them inside. You obviously don’t have such flexibility if your weed is planted directly in the ground.

Control Over Growth Conditions

Another advantage of growing in a pot is the control you have over your plants’ growth. Some strains of weed can easily reach great heights, sometimes up to two meters or higher.

While it might be fun to have a cannabis forest in your garden, it’s not very practical. And you probably don’t want your neighbors to easily spot your beautiful plants.

Therefore, it can be handy to have more control over the size of your weed plants. This is possible when you grow your plants in a pot. At some point, the plant can’t grow bigger because there’s no more room in the pot.

Additionally, growing in a pot also gives you control over the soil your plants grow in. You decide what type of soil to use and can custom mix it, providing your plants with optimal conditions for growth and flowering.

Protection Against Diseases and Pests

Growing weed in a pot can also help protect against diseases and pests. Since you’re not using garden soil, it’s clean and won’t harbor any unwanted guests.

Even though your plants are growing outdoors, it could still happen that a plant gets sick. But because you can easily isolate this plant, you can better manage any pest issues.

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Benefits of Growing in the Ground

Room for Root Growth

Growing plants in pots certainly has its advantages. But growing in open ground is also a good option. If you have room in your garden for your weed plants, you can plant the seeds or seedlings directly in the ground.

When your plants are directly in the soil, they have free access to all the valuable nutrients in the soil. Also, the roots have unlimited room to grow and can easily reach deep into the soil to absorb water and nutrients. As a result, your plants can become larger and stronger.

In the open ground, weed plants can freely develop. This means they require less maintenance, which can be an advantage if you’re short on time.

Natural Nutrients

A major benefit of growing in the open ground is that your plants have access to the rich soil life. The soil isn’t just dirt or sand. It’s a rich web of life, consisting of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, insects, and other small creatures. This makes the soil alive.

This living soil not only provides a lot of nutrients, but the microbes even work symbiotically with each other and your weed plants. So your plants can benefit greatly!

Low Maintenance Costs

If you choose to grow in open ground, another advantage is that you have lower startup and maintenance costs. You don’t need to buy pots and have less expense for water, light, and nutrients. So this could also be a good reason to choose this method of cultivation.

How to Choose Between Growing in a Pot or the Ground

As you have read, both growing in a pot and in the ground each have their advantages. So how can you make a good choice? There are different factors to consider when deciding between the two.

For example, you should consider the available space in your garden. The more space your plants have, the bigger they can grow. If you don’t have much space, choose a few pots. By keeping the pot size small, your plants will also stay smaller, and you’ll need less space.

Also consider the climate. Even before you put your seedlings or seeds in the ground, you should pay attention to where your plants can best be placed in your garden. Once you’ve planted them in the open ground, you can’t move them.

Choose a spot where they get sunlight in the spring and autumn. And see if you can position them so that they’re not too affected by the wind. Do you think your plants in your garden would get too much sun or wind? Then choose pots, which you can move if needed.

Finally, we can say that for beginners, growing weed in a pot is probably the best option. It makes things a bit easier for you, as you have more control over the growing conditions. Have you made your choice yet? Then start right away and purchase the best cannabis seeds in our shop.

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