Top 3 Autoflower Strains

Amsterdam Genetics has developed a wonderful selection of unique, world-class autoflower cannabis seeds for you. Autoflower weed seeds offer ease of growing, fast results, and glorious harvests. Has the outdoor growing season moved past its peak? Have you waited too long to plant those seeds? Don’t panic! Our Top 3 Autoflower strains give you the chance you need to secure that fat stash of homegrown weed you’ve been dreaming of!

It’s sad but true. We have already moved past the Summer Solstice this year – in the Northern Hemisphere, that is; sorry Ozzies! In the back of our minds, we’re already steeling ourselves for the autumn that is sure to come around in a few months’ time. Are you huddling in a corner, moping about this year’s missed opportunity and already longing for that 2021 spring grow? Well have we got news for you!

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Grab Your Extra Harvest This Year With Our Top 3 Autoflower Strains!

Guess what? If you go ahead and plant some good autoflowers now, you can still grab that extra harvest this season! That’s an opportunity that’s just too good to miss, right? That is why today, we proudly present our Top 3 Autoflower Strains. They will let you stick some much-needed prime quality weed seeds in the soil, right into this grow season’s overtime. You know what they say: you’ll reap just what you sow – and you’ll be sowing the world’s best autoflower genetics if you don’t wait too long…

Top 3 Autoflower Strains By Amsterdam Genetics

If you’re looking to grab some extra plants before we head for the winter season, then this is the moment to make your move. Grab your growing gear and make maximum use of the quality contained in our top 3 autoflower strains. For those unfamiliar with the concept: autoflowers are a special brand of cannabis plants. The start to flower by themselves – automatically, that is. They don’t care about seasonal influences like other (photoperiod) plants. This allows them to flower – allowing you to harvest – after the peak of the summer season has passed. How convenient!

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Prepare For A Lovely Autumn…

This ensures you’ll have a budding, blooming, and booming plant even outside of the regular grow season. Isn’t that just brilliant? You bet it is! Let’s grab our top 3 autoflowers for a quick look at your options.


Top Autoflower #1: Milkshake Kush Autoflower

Meet our very own Milkshake Kush Autoflower! Containing a smashing 19% THC and producing copious yields, this autoflower is perfectly suited for less experienced growers. The strain has its origins in a combination of AK47 and Choco Kush, crossbred with a ruderalis strain.

milkshake kush

Milkshake Kush Autoflower is a high-velocity, low-maintenance strain. This makes it a great cannabis plant for beginners and veterans alike, especially when the season is drawing to a close. Its flavour and aroma are as spicy as you can expect from a kush. The special twist? The kush effects are topped off by a delightfully subtle sweet taste of fudge. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and you’re all set for autumn! These seeds produce short-haired plants sprouting buds jam-packed with trichomes.

If you play your cards right, you’re heading for a guaranteed white Christmas this year…

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Autoflower Strain #2: White Choco Autoflower

Looking to add that ultimate sprinkle of happiness to your life? Planning to head for autumn with a broad smile on your face? If so, we highly recommend our White Choco Autoflower! This strain has absolutely earned its rightful place in our Top 3 Autoflower ranking.

white choco autoflower

White Choco Autoflower is an easy-going, easy-growing high-class autoflowering variant of our most wanted strain: White Choco. This carefully balanced indica / sariva hybrid created by crossing the immensely potent White Russian and the marvelously tasty Chocolope strains. Dutch coffeeshops simply can’t store enough of this fabulous strain to meet customer demand. White Choco is still one of our most popular strains. Ever. Period.

You can hardly go wrong with White Choco Autoflower. That holds for taste, effects, and for growing convenience. In ten weeks, you could be collecting your harvest in your own mud-covered clutches… So what are you waiting for?


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Top Autoflower #3: Choco Kush Autoflower

Coming in third,but still an Olympic medalist in our Top 3 Autoflower leader board, is our Choco Kush Autoflower. Are you looking for something that stands out from the rest? Our Choco Kush Autoflower strain may be just your kind of plant!

Choco Kush Best Autoflowering cannabis seeds

This superior Choco Kush Auto is the very first autoflowering strain developed by Amsterdam Genetics. Apart from White Choco Autoflower, this is the only autoflowering crossbreed in the world to embody our White Choco genes. These seeds produce plants that start their flowering cycle regardless of light cycles. That results in fully completed flowering within 60 to 65 days of germination. Before you know it, your Choco Kush Autoflowers will be ready for a bountiful harvest. You can bet you’re in for a wonderful autumn if you act right now!

The main effects of this strain include stress reduction and a happy, cheerful mood. These qualities are compounded by a silver lining of relaxed euphoria. Sounds like a fine way to spend your evenings, don’t you agree?

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Following Closely Behind Our Top 3 Autoflower Strains

Now, of course, classifying weed is largely a matter of taste. Our Top 3 Autoflower Strains don’t necessarily have to be your personal favorites. That’s perfectly fine! If these three winners don’t include your personal champion, don’t worry. We have a few other fine candidates following closely behind these three medalists. Do check out our other pair of excellent autoflower strains: Blue Amnesia Autoflower and AK-020 Autoflower.

Top 3 autoflower strains

And if that still isn’t enough for you to make up your mind, don’t despair. It’ll be 2021 before you know it: new (outdoor) season, new opportunities! We’ll be happy and proud to present our full range of superior cannabis seeds as the new spring draws close. Until then, you can always keep yourself happy with indoor growing adventures. No matter what, Amsterdam Genetics is here for you all year long!

Happy Growing!

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