Blue Amnesia Autoflower Grow Difficulty: Easy

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From: 20.00

Parents: Blue Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis
Type: 50% Sativa / 20% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
Taste: Earthy / Sweet / Spicy
Effect: Long Lasting High
Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks

  • + / –20%THC
  • + / –0.3%CBD
  • + / –0.03%CBN
  • + / –0.07%THCV
  • + / –1.2%CBG
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Strain information

All marijuana fans looking to avoid the (modest) fuss of growing our highly popular Blue Amnesia Haze, rejoice! Our expert breeders went out of their way to cross this sophisticated sativa strain with special ruderalis genetics. The result is Blue Amnesia Autoflower, a gorgeously hazy beauty that mixes Blueberry flavour, Amnesia Haze impact, and the ease of autoflowering cannabis seeds to perfection.

Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

With Blueberry and Jack Herer for grandparents, you know you’re in for something special when Blue Amnesia Autoflower comes to town. Like her non-autoflowering sibling, this blue lady is well on the sativa end of the marijuana pantheon, even though her genetic background gets an additional twist by her added ruderalis genetics. Still, we are proud to report that we managed to keep all the great assets of Blue Amnesia Haze on board even after we added a nice layer of toughness and growing comfort to one of our most successful sativa hazes ever.


Don’t fear this haze will leave you blue, as Blue Amnesia Autoflower seeds pack a smile and a relaxed cerebrum for anyone willing to grow these classy cannabis seeds at home. A predominantly mental high sets in quick and isn’t going anywhere for a long while once she settles in. She tends to let her fans unwind with a deep curly smirk of satisfaction on their faces, yet her comparably mild indica orientation leaves the limbs capable of completing any tasks that demand mental acuity and a healthy dose of physical motivation.

Taste & Aroma

Exchanging the whiff of lemon marking its photoperiod counterpart for an exciting earthy tone, Blue Amnesia Autoflower still carries the sweet and spicy fruit aromas of Blue Amnesia Haze in its elaborate bouquet. Myrcene and caryophyllene make their presence felt in a lovely flavour experience that treats the palate to hazy-yet-blueberry-reminiscent taste that is hard to explain without getting a personal taste.

Medicinal Possibilities

Depression, pain, and stress are the main targets of Blue Amnesia Autoflower buds when used for medicinal purposes rather than pure recreational joys. Still, the added benefit of the clear, cerebral sativa buzz is a bonus for medical consumers looking to have a productive day with a cheerful smile curling their lips. The sativa content is somewhat lower die to the added ruderalis genetics, but on the whole, a well-balanced bundle of effects still marks this as one of our most successful autoflowering creations to date.

Growing Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Amnesia Autoflower seeds were purposely bred to create an easy plug-and-play version of the initial Blue Amnesia Haze. She ranks among our highest yielding autoflowers even amidst serious competition from newer strains, which only confirms her time-proven quality further. Any grower looking for easy to manage sativa haze marijuana seeds ought to make some space for a Blue Amnesia Auto grow. She will not disappoint either in terms of robust, stable genetics or in terms of a sizeable plant loaded with big, scented flower buds after a reduced 8 to 10 week flowering stage.



Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief
Depression Relief
Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Headaches Relief



2 reviews for Blue Amnesia Autoflower

  1. Yarista (verified owner)

    As a new grower I was amazed by this tall lady! I decided not to do any training just to see how she would grow naturally. She grew to be a 180cm tall lady!
    Despite not having an ideal setup I still managed to harvest around 80 grams. Imagine what she can give under the right growing conditions!

    So after drying and curing it was time to sample… And wow!
    So smooth and great flavour, hard to describe but sweet and a hint of spicy at the same time. No matter if you vape, smoke or make edibles… this is a great hitting strain.
    The effects are amazing, pain and stress melt away while your head stays clear. No panic attacks at all, which happens sometimes with sativa’s.
    Great one to share with friends, you’ll have amazing conversations, laughter and great ideas!

  2. Stroopwafel (verified owner)

    Great strain for growing. This lady did not give any problems during grow. Did tie-down stress training to give all these cola sites enough light to reach their full potential. Got 0.5 grams per watt, which is was my highest yield ever.

    Buds pretty much looked exactly as pictured here in the description. Short fat buds that pack a punch. Pretty easy to trim.

    Smoking is smooth and it gives a fuzzy, full-body buzz. Ideal as an uplifting strain that gets you going and talkative.

    Would recommend for people looking for a good time growing and smoking!

    • Professor Harvest

      Hey Stroopwafel! Thank you so much for your detailed review. We appreciate the feedback and are very happy you enjoy the Blue Amnesia strain! What are you going to do with your harvest?

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