Blue Amnesia Autoflower Grow Difficulty: Medium

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From: 25.00

Parents: Blue Dream x Amnesia
Type: 50% Sativa / 20% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
Taste: Sweet / Earthy / Spicy
Effect: Long Lasting High
Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks

  • + / –20%THC
  • + / –0.3%CBD
  • + / –0.03%CBN
  • + / –0.07%THCV
  • + / –1.2%CBG
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Strain information

The Netherlands’ most popular Haze infused with a fruity sativa-twist to create this one of a kind autoflower.

Again we can say with pride that we have been able to add a new sativa dominant autoflower variant to our assortiment. Despite the difficult journey that our Blue Amnesia had to pass through, during the crossing with a ruderalis, the breeders of this strain have retained the authentic indisputable taste, exhilarating headbuzz and sweet fruity aroma of Blue Amnesia.

During a lifetime of 8-10 weeks, these plants grow into wonderful specimens. Blue Amnesia Cannabis Seeds can grow into relatively tall plants, rewarding you with a large number of heavy buds. This makes the Blue Amnesia one of our highest yielding autoflowers.



Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief
Depression Relief
Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Headaches Relief



1 review for Blue Amnesia Autoflower

  1. Yarista (verified owner)

    As a new grower I was amazed by this tall lady! I decided not to do any training just to see how she would grow naturally. She grew to be a 180cm tall lady!
    Despite not having an ideal setup I still managed to harvest around 80 grams. Imagine what she can give under the right growing conditions!

    So after drying and curing it was time to sample… And wow!
    So smooth and great flavour, hard to describe but sweet and a hint of spicy at the same time. No matter if you vape, smoke or make edibles… this is a great hitting strain.
    The effects are amazing, pain and stress melt away while your head stays clear. No panic attacks at all, which happens sometimes with sativa’s.
    Great one to share with friends, you’ll have amazing conversations, laughter and great ideas!

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