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Cannabis And Euphoria: The Best Strains

People interested in using cannabis obviously prefer to have a positive experience. Most look for a sense of happiness, creativity, and having a few laughs together. The fact that cannabis can produce feelings of happiness is a real attraction to many, but the effect can go one step further, inducing a sense of euphoria. In a way, euphoria is the superlative of happiness. It triggers feelings of bliss and even ecstasy, temporarily pushing worries aside. But how can cannabis cause this sensation of euphoria? Which strains are most likely to produce it? Read on to find out!

Cannabis And Euphoria

Euphoria is a rare experience for most if not all of us. Generally speaking, simply feeling content and positive is a pretty favourable mindset. Euphoria is altogether different. It is described as a worry-free sense of intense joy or an ecstatic rush. You could say that euphoria is happiness in the extreme. Dictionaries even call it excessive happiness, which has a bit of a negative ring to it. That could be due to a conservative touch in popular opinion. Objectively speaking, though, euphoria is a positive phenomenon characterised by deep feelings of joy, satisfaction, and self-confidence. Stress and concerns seem to slip from view, at least for a while.

As mentioned, euphoria is not something you are likely to experience on a regular basis. Luckily, you don’t need to; it would probably become a bit of a drag soon enough. Still, most people do look for ways to feel happy and content. For some, cannabis could help trigger an occasional experience of euphoria as an extreme feeling of joy.

cannabis growing euphoria

How Weed Affects Mood

Our mood depends on a plethora of different factors. Generally speaking, positive moods can range from a pleasant sense of contentment to an uplifted mental state and being over the moon with joy. Normally speaking, we are somewhere along the lower half of this range. Euphoria, by contrast, is a rare experience. It can be triggered by specific events, such as completing a highly challenging task, going through exciting experiences, or enjoying sex. It can also occur during sports, after extreme exertion triggers release of substances called endorphins.

But as this article suggests, euphoria can also be sparked by the use of cannabis. This is due to the fact that marijuana is rich in compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes that can affect our mood. Our body is equipped with a network of receptors known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Various cannabis compounds can interact with these receptors, enabling weed to influence our mood in turn. THC (the main psychoactive cannabinoid) . THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid, can activate certain receptors that make us feel euphoric. The effect is comparable to that of anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced by our own body. Tellingly, anandamide is known as the ‘bliss molecule’.

cannabis euphoria

Dopamine is another neurotransmitter that can spark such positive sensations. If the body fails to produce enough of this substance, happiness can become a rare feeling indeed. People can have persistent shortages of these neurotransmitters, and this can be a cause of clinical depression. Cannabinoids in weed can affect dopamine release, enabling them to influence our mood in turn.

Euphoria By Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis contains more than just cannabinoids that can cause feelings of euphoria, however. A 2018 study demonstrated how specific terpenes play a part in experiencing a cannabis high, too. Multiple terpenes appear to have positive effects on anxiety, pain, and depression. This has led scientists to believe that terpenes could also be involved in the sense of euphoria experienced in a cannabis high.

Although terpenes do not usually produce their own mental effects, they often work in concert with the cannabinoids found in specific strains. This type of cooperation is called the entourage effect. Their effects are often subtly expressed in a high, but of all terpenes, limonene is has the best reputation for promoting euphoric bliss. This compound gives weed a refreshing citrus scent that evokes an association with happiness almost by default. There is a good reason why so many detergents, perfumes, and soaps contain citrus aromas, after all.

terpenes cannabis seeds happy

Euphoria Due To Cannabis, Or Your Own Brain?

THC is one of the main marijuana cannabinoids associated with the euphoria you could experience after using cannabis. THC also largely determines the intensity and duration of the high. However, your own unique circumstances obviously determine part of the effect as well. After all, your personal emotional state (are you feeling happy or sad?) and your own ECS affect the experience at least as much, if not more. Perhaps someone you know prefers a specific strain because of its positive effects, but that doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on you. Which strain will make you or anyone else feel over the moon is impossible to predict.

The Risk Of Seeking Euphoria Through Cannabis

Anyone planning to grow and consume cannabis flowers in pursuit of euphoria should be careful not to expect too much. In fact, this advice applies in a broader context that that of weed alone. The quest to find happiness is as old as humanity itself, but it is a path that is fraught with risks. The last thing you want is to become dependent on any specific action or agent to feel happy or euphoric. No matter whether it’s cannabis, candy, sex, or some other means: if this becomes your only way to experience euphoria, you are heading down a slippery slope.

Always make sure you keep multiple roads towards happiness open. Watching a nice movie, reading a good book, an evening spent with good friends, or going for a long walk with your dog: there are plenty of ways to experience happiness, satisfaction, and even euphoria. More often than not, the experience hits you when you least expect it. Actively looking for it is no guarantee of success. That’s why you shouldn’t fall for the temptation of trying to find euphoria by using cannabis or any other kind of ‘trick’.

With these words of warning in mind, let’s now turn to the best Amsterdam Genetics cannabis strains to spark that renowned state of euphoria.

cannabis euphoria

Best Cannabis Strains For Euphoria

Several strains have great credentials for triggering strong euphoric highs. These cannabis variants contain just the right cannabinoids and other compounds to provide that exuberant sense of blissful happiness. We would advise anyone looking to try cannabis for that fleeting, ephemeral, and almost mythical state of euphoria to try the following top strains from the Amsterdam genetics collection.

Top Euphoria Strain #1: Candyfloss

With Candyfloss cannabis seeds, the smiles start as soon as you hear the name. Sweet as cotton candy, this lady hides a truckload of THC underneath her seductive bouquet. If euphoria is mainly caused by this cannabinoid, then Candyfloss manages to link the force of about 23% THC with sweet and fruity candy aromas in a cheerful, uplifting high effect. It’s like a kid in a candy store without the dental cavities – that’s enough to trigger euphoria by itself, isn’t it?

candyfloss sativa cannabis seeds

Even the act of growing Candyfloss seeds tends to make people happy, as this 70% sativa whopper has a nine-week flowering time that’s short enough to make any farmer smile. If you add the fact that these ladies can grow pink buds in just the right conditions, you know you’re in for a euphoric grow experience.

Top Euphoria Strain #2: Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds also pack plenty of THC, but here, the main euphoria potential is in the terpene profile. Lemon haze owes its lovely refreshing citrus aroma to copious amounts of limonene, the main aromatic compound involved in cannabis euphoria.

Lemon Haze cannabis euphoria

This is another firm sativa lady with a high that focuses on the brain. That’s probably just as well, since euphoric feelings are mostly a cerebral phenomenon. On the other hand, Lemon haze is also linked to physical bliss. Connoisseurs claim this is a bedroom strain par excellence, suited for intense head-to-toe cannabis euphoria moments…

The Euphoria Of Growing Cannabis

As we have seen, cannabis can contribute to feelings of euphoria in several ways, no matter how transient and ephemeral the sensation may be, or is supposed to be. Of course, what applies to weed also applies to many other sources of joy: always enjoy them in moderation. Nonetheless, there is one piece of green happiness that we haven’t even mentioned so far. Judging by what experts say, growing your own cannabis can trigger its own experience of euphoria!

Anyone with a knack for gardening knows that proud feeling of natural joy you get when you see your beautiful home-grown flowers and plants. Of course, if those flowers are full of substances to further boost that happiness, it’s not hard to draw conclusions. Anyone can give a grow a go using our first rate cannabis seeds and the tips and tricks from our grow blogs, so we’re not afraid to finish off with a bold statement. Perhaps growing cannabis is every bit as good a road to euphoria as consuming the fruits of its harvest!




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